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Surprising Dangers of Marijuana

Marijuana is generally considered a non-addictive and harmless drugs. However, there are surprising dangers associated with marijuana use. Marijuana can have very serious effects on both mental and physical health, and although it does not cause physical addiction in the same sense as other drugs, the psychological dependence can be difficult to overcome. Early marijuanaRead More

The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs: Spice

Synthetic drugs are substances that are chemically similar to controlled substances, or mimic the effects of other drugs. These substances, such as Spice and bath salts, are often sold legally in gas stations and convenience stores. Although designer drugs are chemically different from the controlled substances they are mimicking, they are no less dangerous, andRead More

The Importance of Sleep in Early Sobriety

In active addiction, we rarely adhered to healthy sleep routines. Our schedules surrounded drug and alcohol use and were often erratic, or we rarely slept sober. When we enter into a life of sobriety, it is time for us to make positive changes for our mental health and sleeping is an integral part of ourRead More

Treatment Myths

Society’s stigma of addiction and mental health can prevent someone from wanting to find help.  People fighting the battles are told lies from the comments and ridicule.  Many believe addiction and emotions are something which everyone can control.  Once addiction is known as a disease, the individuals can understand why treatment is important.  Knowledge ofRead More