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8 Quirky Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue amongst alcoholics and drug addicts. In fact, a lot of us used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate ourselves until that didn’t work anymore, and we found ourselves in recovery. Most anxiety medications are highly addictive, so we have to find other things to help calm our nervesRead More

DUI: The Aftermath

If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you are facing an expensive and challenging road ahead. If you have managed to go undetected while driving drunk, your luck may soon run out; if you happen to kill someone, the monetary cost of driving while intoxicated is the least of yourRead More

Returning to Work After Treatment

Returning to work after leaving treatment can be a frightening experience. People who know where we were may have question, and we may feel a stigma associated with having sought treatment. We may feel emotions like shame, guilt, and embarrassment when we see our coworkers. Fortunately, the transition may be smoother than we anticipated. WeRead More

The Benefits of Medically-Assisted Detox

Certain drugs create major changes to the brain that result in physical dependence. Over time, a person will be unable to achieve the same effects from a drug and they must increase the amount of frequency of their use. Eventually this result in changes that are so strong, a person will become very sick ifRead More

The Return of Empathy in Sobriety

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. In active addiction, we lost our capacity to feel empathy. Addiction causes a person to place more importance on drugs and alcohol than relationships and other people’s feelings. We often harmed people without even recognizing the weight of our actions. Selfishness and self-centerednessRead More

Alcoholism, Genetics, and Heart Failure

Genetics are capable of causing an individual to have a predisposition toward developing problems with alcoholism and addiction. Recent research into the genetics of alcoholism has found that there may also be a genetic component that causes one to be more likely to die from alcohol-related heart failure. The research shows that faulty versions ofRead More

What is Narcan?

Narcan is a medication capable of reversing opioid overdoses that is proving to be incredibly helpful as the opioid crisis worsens. The increased ease of access to Narcan has been indispensable in saving the lives of overdose victims. By giving Narcan to the families and friends of men and women who use opioids, the lethalityRead More

Treating Pain Without Medication

Many people who develop opioid addiction begin with the use of prescribed pain-relieving medications. A vast majority of patients taking prescribed opioids will not have any problems, but for some, prescription opioid use can spiral into abuse and addiction. Those who have entered into a life of sobriety may find it helpful to seek non-pharmacologicalRead More

The Science of Self-Talk

The stories we construct about our lives and what we tell ourselves are extremely important. Researchers examining the benefits of positive self-talk have found that it can minimize feelings of stress, anxiety, and defensiveness. Conversely, if we are telling ourselves negative things, our interpretation of reality will be sullied by a negative mindset and weRead More

The Importance of Honesty in Recovery

There are only three requirements that we need to effectively engage in our recovery: honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Honesty in recovery does not only mean that we should be honest with others, but also that we should be honest with ourselves. Our time in active addiction was often full of lies, deceit, and self-deception. IfRead More