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Developing Healthy Routines in Sobriety

In active addiction, we never gave much consideration to developing healthy habits and routines. Drugs and alcohol were the only consistent part of our lives. In sobriety, we finally have the ability to develop a lifestyle around healthy habits and routines that are conducive to maintaining our sobriety. Routines are good for mental health, andRead More

Appreciating the Simple Things in Sobriety

In active addiction, we rarely took the time to “stop and smell the roses.” The simple beauty of life eluded us as we became more and more focused on feeding our addiction. Sobriety is a time when we can finally stop and look around us, appreciating all the simple things that life has to offers.Read More

Maintaining Happiness, Joyousness, and Freedom in Sobriety

The greatest gift we are given in our recovery is the ability to feel happy, joyous, and free in sobriety. We rarely felt these emotions during our time in active addiction, and were surprised to find that we could achieve them by following the simple suggestions of our recovery program. To maintain these feelings, weRead More

All Good Things in Moderation

Addiction is a complex disease that makes major changes in the brain. These changes affect the brain’s reward pathway, and can lead to compulsive behavior in all pleasurable things, not just drugs and alcohol. It is not uncommon for an individual to stop taking drugs and find that they have transferred their addiction into otherRead More

Maintaining Sobriety in Times of Crisis

Going through a crisis in sobriety can be a blow to our sense of serenity and peace of mind. We may suddenly lose gratitude and fall into self-pity, damaging our ability to navigate our days with a code of love and tolerance of others. During these times, we may feel that engaging in the suggestionsRead More

Opening Up to Suggestions in Early Sobriety

The three things we need to begin our recovery are honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. We should allow ourselves to be open-minded about taking suggestions from others who have successfully recovered. Although difficult at times, we must recognize that we do not know what is best for our recovery. Instead, we can defer to the suggestionsRead More

Forming Healthy Relationships in Sobriety

As a result of our addictions, our social lives suffered. Many of the people we considered to be our friends were others in active addiction, and we may find it helpful to end those relationships or distance ourselves from them when we enter into a life of sobriety. However, the recovery community is vast. WeRead More

The Importance of Sleep in Early Sobriety

In active addiction, we rarely adhered to healthy sleep routines. Our schedules surrounded drug and alcohol use and were often erratic, or we rarely slept sober. When we enter into a life of sobriety, it is time for us to make positive changes for our mental health and sleeping is an integral part of ourRead More

Ending the Day in Sobriety

Each day is a day that we must do our best to live a life of spiritual principles. There will always be times when we fall short of our goals, but recovery is about progress rather than perfection. If we wish to continue getting better and developing personally and spiritually, it may be a goodRead More

Reaffirming Your Commitment to Sobriety

One of the best ways to maintain sobriety is to take it “one day at a time.” Every day is a day that we must take time to reaffirm our commitment to our newfound lifestyle and do our best to live by the principles of our recovery program. Setting aside time in the morning toRead More