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What are Spiritual Principles?

Spiritual principles are all encompassing strategies for living life in the best way possible. 12-Step recovery has a focus on spiritual principles that are linked with each step. However, attempting to live by spiritual principles is beneficial to everyone, regardless of their involvement in 12-Step or another recovery program. Spiritual principles allow one to haveRead More

What is “insanity” in Active Addiction and Alcoholism?

The insanity of addiction and alcoholism is a common concept in the rooms of 12-Step recovery fellowships. This insanity results from the self-deception that many people suffering from addiction experience. We try all sorts of methods to assert control over our drinking and drug use, despite the fact that we have entirely lost control overRead More

What is Enabling?

Addiction is a disease that affects a sufferer’s family and loved ones. As a response to a loved one’s addiction, a person may attempt to shield them from negative consequences or do other things in an attempt to help the individual that, in reality, only serve to continue or exacerbate their addiction. Enabling behaviors canRead More

Why Does Spirituality Matter in Recovery?

Buddha once said, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” When we were living in addiction, we always felt as though there was something missing in our lives. We felt a void within ourselves and attempted to fill our emptiness with alcohol and drugs. When we becameRead More

Should You Avoid Excess in Sobriety

Men and women suffering from the disease of addiction have a tendency to take all things to unhealthy extremes. There is a very real danger of individuals in recovery transferring their addictive tendencies to a behavior, such as gambling, sex, or exercise, or to other substances, such as caffeine, nicotine, or food. The disease ofRead More

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Group therapy is often used as a tool in addiction recovery. Engaging in therapy with others who are attempting to recover from addiction and alcoholism is a highly effective way for an individual to gain a better understanding of themselves and their disease. Group therapy provides certain benefits that individual therapy cannot, and strengthens one’sRead More

How Do I Know if I Need to Get Help?

Making the decision to seek help can be lifesaving. The disease of addiction is progressive, and if left untreated, often fatal. However, some people are unsure if their problems with substances have progressed to the point where they should seek help. Generally, if someone is considering that they may need help for substance abuse, theyRead More

Is There a Difference Between Alcoholism and Addiction?

Alcoholism and drug addiction may appear as two separate disorders, but at their core they are essentially the same disease. Alcoholism is simply addiction to alcohol, but carries the same traits as addiction. However, in 12-Step recovery, there appears to be a distinction. Alcoholics Anonymous has a focus on recovery from alcoholism, while other 12-StepRead More

How are Withdrawal Symptoms Managed During Detox?

Detox from alcohol and drugs can be a harrowing experience. Anyone who has undergone a detoxification process without medical aid can attest that it is a painful experience. Fortunately, treatment centers that provide detox are staffed with medical professionals who are able to monitor and medicate patients to manage withdrawal symptoms as they occur. WithoutRead More

Is Anyone Incapable of Recovery?

Many people enter into treatment with the belief that their problems with drugs and alcohol are too extreme for recovery to be possible. Fortunately, these beliefs are misconceptions. Recovery is possible for anyone, no matter how far their disease has progressed, so long as they are capable of honesty. The three spiritual principles required forRead More