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8 Quirky Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue amongst alcoholics and drug addicts. In fact, a lot of us used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate ourselves until that didn’t work anymore, and we found ourselves in recovery. Most anxiety medications are highly addictive, so we have to find other things to help calm our nervesRead More

Recovery for Introverts

There are many types of people on this planet; some people are extroverted and outgoing and some are introverted and prefer keeping to themselves. A lot of people are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. For people new to sobriety, it can be overwhelming when you are thrown back into the general population andRead More

How Can You Improve Your Memory?

Early sobriety can be frustrating. It takes some time for the mental fog to lift. We may notice that our memory seems to be less sharp than it was before. This is not uncommon– addiction makes significant changes to the brain that affect cognitive functioning, including memory. Fortunately, our memory will improve the longer weRead More

Change Your Diet, Change Your Brain

Before sobriety, we rarely cared much about our diet. The vitamins and nutrients we put into our bodies was usually an afterthought, if we thought about it at all. In early sobriety, we often find ourselves suffering from residual cognitive impairments. Often, we feel foggy, our memory may still be suffering, and our decision makingRead More

Addiction, Mental Health, and the Risk of Suicide

With the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, suicide and mental health concerns have become major topics in the news. Many people recovering from addiction face other mental health concerns, including depression, that may contribute to thoughts of suicide. It is important to note that recovery from addiction does not mean that oneRead More

The Dangers of Stress in Recovery

Stress is difficult for anyone to cope with, and it may be life-threatening for men and women in recovery. Past drug and alcohol use was often caused, in part, by an inability to cope with stress in a healthy manner. Rather than dealing with the stress we were under, we chose to escape into aRead More

Accepting Emotional Scars from Addiction

Nearly everyone who has struggle with addiction has faced trauma. Some of our scars are physical, while others are emotional. In sobriety, we learn to accept the past rather than ignoring it, and move forward in our happy, joyous, and free lives. However, some of the emotional wounds we have suffered may linger even afterRead More

The Gift of Desperation

Reaching a state of desperation and despair in addiction can be the most painful experience we have ever faced. However, from this point of desperation, we often find the willingness to go to any lengths for victory over drugs and alcohol. The old saying “desperate times call for desperate measures” is true, and the measuresRead More

How Does Marijuana Affect Mental Health?

Marijuana is generally seen as a safe drug. In fact, it is often used therapeutically to treat a variety of mental and physical health issues. However, research has shown that the relationship between marijuana and mental health is much more complicated than being entirely beneficial or entirely detrimental. The potential for detrimental effects from marijuanaRead More

Breaking Down Emotional Walls

The more we live in a state of active addiction, the more we put up psychological walls around us. We build walls as a means of keeping others from getting a view of who we are at the core of our being. Our psychological walls keep us from having to face the truth of ourRead More