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Treating Depression and Anxiety in Recovery

Recovery is a time when we should focus on treating all mental, physical, and spiritual aspect of our addiction. Depression and anxiety are common among men and women with addiction, and often exacerbated drug and alcohol use. Attempting to move forward in sobriety without addressing mental health concerns can make for a more difficult journeyRead More

Overcoming the Shame of the Past

Addiction is a powerful disease that causes us to do all sorts of regrettable things. Our substance use became our priority over all else, and we often harmed those we loved most during active addiction. It takes courage to face our past in recovery, but when we go about a process of cleaning up theRead More

Accepting Negative Emotions in Sobriety

Experiencing negative emotions—anger, sadness, resentment, frustration—is an inevitability. The serenity we experience in recovery will undoubtedly be tested on our journey. We may be unable to control experiencing these emotions, but we can choose to keep them from overwhelming us by practicing acceptance. Although difficult at times, acceptance of negative emotions can mean the differenceRead More

Managing Feelings of Anger in Recovery

Anger can easily overtake our ability to make healthy decisions. When confronted with a situation that bothers us, we are at risk of making our problems worse with an immediate and negative reaction. Anger can cause us to fall victim to a host of negative feelings that overwhelm us and can cause us to seekRead More

Managing Stress in Early Sobriety

Stress can feel overwhelming in early sobriety. We may still be experiencing uncomfortable symptoms and have yet to fully engage in a recovery program. When faced with stressful situations, we may still consider turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to feel relief. However, there are a variety of ways that we can copeRead More

How Can We Control Stress?

Everyone has to cope with stress on daily bases.  Whether or not a person handles the stress well is what determines stress management.  When a situation causes tension, an individual can decide to face the issue, or push the tension away.  Over time the tension will build and overwhelm the individual. Learning to control stressRead More

What’s the Grieving Process?

Grief is a heavy emotion to handle.  No one should try to tackle the process alone.  Support from family and friends can help an individual face the difficult times.  Unresolved grief is when the feeling is not cared for properly. Trying to manage the day to day life with unresolved grief can impair someone’s abilityRead More

Stress Awareness

The common advice for relieving stress is to counteract the anxiety with relaxation.  The misunderstanding is even with relaxation the stressors are still present. Solutions to the problems can be resolved or processed.  The trick is to be calm and organized to handle each event. Built up stress can be avoided. Getting ahead of theRead More

What Are Underlying Issues?

Underlying issues are problems which could have encouraged drug or alcohol use.  The addict wasn’t always having difficulty with substance abuse. Emotional control, stress, teenage hormones, trauma, etc. are possible underlying issues.  Family dynamics and history can also play a role in addiction. Everyone has a different experience through the recovery process. The therapist willRead More

Depression Within Addiction

Using drugs and alcohol will billow a cloud of chaos into someone’s life.  Lack of emotional control and compulsive behaviors disconnect the individual from others.  Loss of job, friends, or home is sometimes the turning point for the person suffering from addiction.  Hitting rock bottom encourages the individual to seek help. Treatment can provide themRead More