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5 Ways to Socialize Your Sobriety

Drinking is a social event for many people. It was for you, too, until well, it wasn’t. Once we’ve crossed the line into a substance abuse disorder, there is nothing social about what takes place when liquor crosses our lips. One of the most dangerous things for an alcoholic is to let thoughts of socialRead More

5 Simple Tips for Success in Sobriety

Tips and suggestions for how to live a long, happy life in sobriety are always welcome for those of us new to recovery. Everyone works their own sobriety differently, so find what works best for you, and go with it. Over time, you will develop your own routines, and will be sharing what has workedRead More

Learning to Take Advice from Others

When we enter into recovery, it can be difficult to take suggestions from others. We were so used to trying to control every situation and ‘run the show’ ourselves that we may be uncomfortable listening to others. However, in a treatment setting we are often surrounded by staff who are experienced with addiction and knowRead More

The Virtue of Acceptance

The desire for control is a strong feature of addiction and alcoholism. We want to control every facet of our lives and the lives of others, resulting in a sense of deep frustration that causes us to turn to a drink or a drug. When we begin learning to let go of our need forRead More

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Kindness

Many recovery programs focus on overcoming addiction and alcoholism by living a spiritual life of altruism and helping others. 12-Step recovery, for example, suggests sponsorship and carrying the message of recovery to those still struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Any act of kindness we perform, or even simply witnessing acts of kindness, can have positiveRead More

Coping with Illness in Recovery

Everybody has to deal with illness at some point in their lives. In recovery, however, illness can override our decision-making abilities and cause us to seek relief in substances. When we are sick, we are often desperate for any form of relief that we can get, and this may distract us from the principles andRead More

Coping with Strong Emotions in Early Sobriety

Many men and women suffering from addiction used drugs and alcohol as a way to suppress or control their emotions. When faced with anxiety or depression, we escaped into intoxication as a way to avoid our feelings. Drugs and alcohol numb our emotions, and when we first get sober we may experience a strong “rebound”Read More

Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation in Sobriety

In early recovery, we can easily get caught up in feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings can lead to isolating ourselves from others. Loneliness and isolation tend to exacerbate feelings of depression and anxiety, and we can fall victim to a spiral of negative emotions that interfere with our ability to properly engage inRead More

Developing Healthy Routines in Sobriety

In active addiction, we never gave much consideration to developing healthy habits and routines. Drugs and alcohol were the only consistent part of our lives. In sobriety, we finally have the ability to develop a lifestyle around healthy habits and routines that are conducive to maintaining our sobriety. Routines are good for mental health, andRead More

Learning to Respond, Not React

When faced with a negative situation, we often have a tendency to react instantly, without thinking about whether our reaction may make the situation worse. Reactions are instant and we act without thinking. For example, when faced with anger, we may react with further anger, effectively making the conflict much worse. Responding, on the otherRead More