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The Neuroscience of Addiction: Hedonic Set-Point

There is a theory in psychology that everyone  has a certain set-point of happiness. The hedonic set-point remains relatively constant throughout an individual’s life, but can be altered by certain events. Addiction changes the hedonic set-point in our brains, leading to dysphoria and unhappiness when the drug is removed. Dr. Alex Lickerman, in a 2013Read More

Who Is Fighting the Stigma?

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania has partnered with Independence Blue Cross Foundation to beat the stigma of addiction.  The Inquirer Daily News reports the campaign will use social media and a community outreach to share addict’s stories. The beginning steps to solving addiction and mental health problems are awareness and education.  He plans to expandRead More

What are People Doing to Kill the Stigma?

People across the nation are fighting to eliminate the stigma of addiction and mental illness.  Disorders affect an estimated 25% of the country.  Groups similar to Breaking the Cycle are spreading the word of substance abuse and how treatment and knowledge can change the perception.  People affected by addiction are coming forward to tell personalRead More

Opioid Epidemic

Several different factors play into why the U.S. is suffering from an opioid epidemic.  Everyone seems to be asking the same question.  How did this happen?  Opioids have been around for a very long time.  The drug comes in various forms.  The majority of use is in pain relieving form.  Doctors will prescribe the pillsRead More