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Setting Healthy Goals in Sobriety

In active addiction, few of us considered the future. We were so caught up in feeding our addictions that we were unable to make healthy and attainable goals for our lives. In sobriety, we are free from the constraints of addiction and are able, for the first time, to begin working toward our passions inRead More

What are the Health Benefits of Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is a versatile exercise that requires focus, strength, and endurance. The activity can provide wonderful physical benefits as well as major improvements in mental health. Rock climbing can be difficult, but the feeling of reward by overcoming the challenges presented by rock climbing is indescribable. The physical benefits of rock climbing are tremendous.Read More

How to Combat Insomnia?

Sleep problems are almost a given for people in early recovery. Lack of sleep can cause a lot of frustration and even anxiety and depression in those afflicted. All of these things on their own are threats to a person’s sobriety, and combined, they are a ticking time bomb. Insomnia is thought to be aRead More

Health Benefits of Traveling

One of the greatest gift of sobriety is freedom. We are no longer tether to one location and can we can travel freely. We may have not wanted to travel before because we feared the uncertainty of getting our next drug. Through sobriety, however, we are finally untethered by addiction and can finally fulfil ourRead More

Change Your Diet, Change Your Brain

Before sobriety, we rarely cared much about our diet. The vitamins and nutrients we put into our bodies was usually an afterthought, if we thought about it at all. In early sobriety, we often find ourselves suffering from residual cognitive impairments. Often, we feel foggy, our memory may still be suffering, and our decision makingRead More

How Does Anger Affect Health?

Anger can be one of the most powerful emotions we have. When we feel offended or resentful, it may be difficult to control our anger and we lash out, causing even more harm to ourselves and others. Anger, resentment, and a lack of emotional control are all symptoms of addiction and alcoholism. Through sobriety, weRead More

How Do Drugs Affect the Brain?

Addiction is considered a brain disease because it makes very dramatic changes to the physical structure of the brain. As these changes are made, it becomes more and more difficult for a person to stop using drugs or alcohol. Depending on the substance one is a addicted to, they may become physically dependent. This meansRead More

Alcoholism and Liver Disease

Alcoholism is a progressive and fatal disease. It negatively affects every aspect of a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. The reality of the way that alcohol affects and the liver and the consequences of alcoholism is truly frightening. As casual drinking becomes heavy drinking and heavy drinking becomes alcoholism, the damage caused to theRead More

What are the Benefits of Spirituality?

Living a rich life of spiritual principles is by far the most effective way to maintain sobriety. By cultivating faith, acceptance, happiness, and freedom, the desire to use drugs and alcohol may entirely go away. Sobriety isn’t the only benefits of spirituality, however. We can reap so many wonderful and surprising benefits to our mentalRead More