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Rebuilding Past Relationships in 12-Step Recovery

It can be difficult to look back on the wreckage of our past once we become sober and the fog of addiction begins to clear. We realize there were many people, even close friends and family, to whom we inflicted undue harm upon. Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-step recovery program dedicated to overcoming alcoholism, suggest thatRead More

What is Al-Anon?

Alcoholism is a disease that affects both the sufferer and their loved ones. For those affected by a loved one’s drinking, Al-Anon is a recovery fellowship dedicated to helping families and friends of those with alcoholism. Coping with a loved one’s drinking can be difficult, but Al-Anon brings together the family and friends of aRead More

What is Family Therapy?

Addiction has been described as a “family disease” because it affects the sufferer and their loved ones.  Many treatment facilities offer family therapy as a way to facilitate the rebuilding of family relationships that have been damaged by addiction and alcoholism. Family plays a major role in addiction and recovery. According to the Substance AbuseRead More

Admitting Addiction to Loved Ones

Coming to realize that we have become powerless over drugs and alcohol and that are lives are unmanageable is the first step of 12 Step Recovery programs. We may be able to admit to ourselves that we suffer from addiction and alcoholism, but are uncomfortable admitting it to others. The fear of judgement is powerful,Read More

How Does Addiction Affect Families?

Addiction is a family disease. When a loved one suffers, the entire family suffers along with them. Addiction negatively affects all relationships that a sufferer has, and the consequences the disease has on families may be the most devastating. Through recovery and maintaining sobriety, however, we can rebuild familial relationships, trust, and clean up theRead More

Holding on to Sobriety by Letting Go of Resentments

Buddha once said, “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Holding onto feelings of anger and resentment only serves to continually hurt us. In sobriety, there is great danger in holding onto our feelings of resentment towardRead More

Healing the Family

Someone fighting addiction also faces difficult relationships.  The disease affects everyone around the individual. Loved ones have to cope with living and loving the person with an addiction.  Some family members may take years to forgive the individual. Other loved ones will stick out the journey, by the person’s side. However the family works itselfRead More

Listen and Know the Signs

Every different human being is at risk of addiction in one way or another.  The disease is very good at masking itself as something else. Change in behaviors and moods can sometimes mean substance abuse, or a teenage phase.  Being educated on mental health first aid and signs of addiction will enable people to becomeRead More