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The Genetics of Addiction

Addiction does not arise solely from nature or from nurture. Rather, it is often a combination of a variety of biological and environmental variables. Recent research into the genetics of addiction have found that a predisposition for alcoholism and addiction can be passed down just like other hereditary traits. Having a genetic predisposition for addictionRead More

Hidden Risks of Kratom

Not every drug addiction comes from illicit substances. There are a host of dangerous drugs sold in gas stations and convenience stores that can be bought legally. Legal drugs, such as kratom, are often just as dangerous or more dangerous than illegal, controlled substances. Kratom is one such drug that is marketed at a safeRead More

Surprising Dangers of Marijuana

Marijuana is generally considered a non-addictive and harmless drugs. However, there are surprising dangers associated with marijuana use. Marijuana can have very serious effects on both mental and physical health, and although it does not cause physical addiction in the same sense as other drugs, the psychological dependence can be difficult to overcome. Early marijuanaRead More

The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs: Spice

Synthetic drugs are substances that are chemically similar to controlled substances, or mimic the effects of other drugs. These substances, such as Spice and bath salts, are often sold legally in gas stations and convenience stores. Although designer drugs are chemically different from the controlled substances they are mimicking, they are no less dangerous, andRead More

THC, CBD, and the Affects

As the nation slowly makes the transition to legalize marijuana, the substance becomes stronger and more potent.  The plant has beneficial qualities as well as negative ones. For healing and medical purposes, using the drug can comfort and relax a patient.  The risk for addiction is low, although still present. Side effects from different prescriptionsRead More