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When Does Drinking Become Alcoholism?

At some point in our drinking, we find that we are unable to stop despite the negative consequences we are facing. Alcoholism is a disease defined by an inability to control or regulate how much or how often we are drinking. When faced with negative consequences as a result of drinking, we find that weRead More

Coping with Dreams About Drugs and Alcohol

It is not uncommon for men and women in recovery to have dreams about using drugs or alcohol. They can be disconcerting, and we often wake up filled with anxiety about the fact that we had relapsed in our dreams. However, there is no reason to let these sorts of dreams negatively affect us. InRead More

How Dangerous is Alcohol?

The ubiquity and legal status of alcohol may cause one to falsely believe that alcohol is less harmful than drugs. Excessive alcohol use and alcoholism are extremely dangerous and responsible for countless deaths and major health complications. The way that alcohol interacts with the brain and body makes it one of the most dangerous andRead More

Leaving Behind Drinking/Using Buddies

“Stick with the winners” is a common phrase heard in the rooms of recovery meetings. Making changes to our social life can improve our ability to maintain our sobriety. Keeping friendships with people who are actively using drugs, however, can have the opposite effect and bring us closer toward relapse. We will reach a pointRead More

What are the Effects of Alcohol on the Brain?

The American society views alcohol as a socially acceptable substance.  Having a drink at an event or family gathering is common and doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Alcohol can be very hazardous with overconsumption. An individual’s body style, age, gender, and living habits will gage the toxicity level.  Common effects of excessive drinking areRead More

Lifelong Disease

Substance abuse disorder is a lifelong disease.  Fighting addiction should not be dealt with alone.  Resources are available to individuals who want to take back control of their lives.  Finding the means to be successful in recovery are becoming easier to obtain due to the rising concern of the opioid epidemic.  Continued support is vitalRead More

Jail and Addiction

Many members of the public still view addicts as criminals.  The stigma of addiction is far from dead.  Police and courtofficials don’t always see a person with a problem or disease.  The authorities view addicts as people breaking the law.  Being clean from drugs and alcohol will not treat the disease of addiction.  Upholding theRead More

Alcohol: The Most Dangerous Detox

Detoxifying the body of drugs and alcohol is never a comfortable process. Acute symptoms can be extreme, and there are often long-lasting symptoms that sporadically reoccur for months or even years. Alcohol, along with benzodiazepines, is one of a few detoxes that can prove to be lethal without proper medical supervision. Chronic alcohol use createsRead More

How Do I Know If I Suffer from Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a progressive and fatal disease that can completely destroy our lives. Many people struggle with determining whether or not their drinking is under control or if it is, in fact, alcoholism. There are two ways to examine whether one has the disease of addiction and alcoholism—the current medical understanding or the disease, andRead More