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Ending Each Day in Sobriety

Before we end our day, it is important that we take time for self-reflection. In sobriety, we take it “one day at a time,” ending each day with a constructive analysis of our behaviors, thoughts, and actions from the previous 24 hours. By doing so, we are able to reflect on any changes we needRead More

Finding an Internal Source of Happiness

For many of us, the only time we felt any sense of happiness was when we were drinking or using. We had deluded ourselves into believing that we could not be happy without something external, whether it be drugs and alcohol or material things and relationships. In sobriety, we found that our happiness was notRead More

The Importance of Social Connection in Addiction Recovery

Active addiction can be a time of isolation. We get caught up in our insatiable desire for alcohol and drugs that we care little about maintaining or forming relationships with others. Getting involved with recovery fellowships and communities can be a lifesaver in recovery. Without social connection, we are likely to fall back into isolativeRead More

Complications of IV Drug Use: Infectious Disease

Aside from the likelihood of overdose and mental health problems, intravenous drug use carries a high risk of infectious disease. The possibility of contracting an infectious disease of intravenous drug use increases dramatically when a person is using non-sterile injection equipment, but can also occur from contamination of the drug itself. The most common infectionRead More

Serenity Prayer: Acceptance, Courage, and Wisdom

The Serenity Prayer is used to open up 12-Step recovery meetings. The prayer states: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” The three core concepts of acceptance, courage, and wisdom, are helpful reminders of theRead More

The Importance of Humility in 12-Step Recovery

Pride and ego can get in the way of our ability to recover from addiction and alcoholism. We need to be honest, open-minded, and willing if we are to apply the principles of recovery to our lives. Without humility and the willingness to take direction from those who have successfully recovered, we will continue toRead More

Starting the Day in Recovery

When we wake up, it’s easy to just get up and go. However, it can be helpful to take time to reflect on the principles of recovery and our own spiritual life in the morning before getting into the hustle and bustle of our day. Taking a moment to consider how we are feeling, andRead More

Taking Time for Self-Reflection

12-Step recovery programs suggest that we take time at the end of our day to reflect on our thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the previous twenty-four hours. By doing so, we are able to see if there were any instances where we may have veered off the path of practicing the principles of recovery inRead More

Taking Suggestions in Recovery

The early stages of sobriety can be difficult to navigate. We are often overwhelmed with strong emotions, and are in the process of developing effective coping mechanisms. Fortunately, there are many men and women in the recovery community who have been in our position and progressed to a life of happiness, joyousness, and freedom inRead More

Addiction: Nature vs Nurture

The disease of addiction is complex and many factors influence whether or not someone will become addicted. That is not to say that genetic and environmental factors will cause someone to inevitably become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but they may be predisposed to a higher likelihood of facing addiction in their lives. Addiction hasRead More