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Will I Become a Different Person in Sobriety?

It is undeniable that we go through major personality changes in sobriety. It can be frightening to consider that, through the process of recovery, we may end up as a seemingly new and different person than we had always been. One of the goals of recovery is achieving an entire psychic change and having a spiritual awakening. Our thoughts, actions, and motivations change through our progression in recovery, but all of these changes are positive and enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

Thinking back to our time in active addiction, however, how many of us truly loved the person who we were? We were filled with fear, selfishness, self-pity, and were driven solely by our desire to be intoxicated at all times. Our desire to alter our minds with drugs and alcohol was the result of our negative thinking and inability to look the world in the eye. In sobriety, however, we are finally able to feel a sense of comfort with ourselves and show love and gratitude through our actions. In this sense, we are not becoming someone different and unfamiliar. Rather, we are finally becoming ourselves and finding our place in the world—an idea that always seemed so elusive in addiction. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains that these changes result from having had a spiritual awakening: “Quite often, friends of the newcomer are aware of the difference long before he is himself. He finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change could hardly have been brought about by himself alone.” After finding sobriety, we look back at ourselves and realize that we were not actually ourselves. Addiction had become the driving force in our lives, controlling all of our thoughts, actions, and relationships. In sobriety, we are finally ourselves and are able to finally understand who we are at the core of our being. There is a sense of self that we had lost touch with and buried under the weight of addiction and alcoholism. In sobriety, we finally begin to truly become ourselves.

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