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Why Does Spirituality Matter in Recovery?

Newcomers to recovery meetings may be disheartened to hear words like “God” and “Higher Power.” These words may initially give the impression that recovery requires religious belief. There is no focus on religion in recovery, but there is a focus on spirituality, spiritual awakening, and living life by spiritual principles.

Spirituality is a need that exists within everybody. We all feel the need for purpose, hope, and fulfillment. Deepak Chopra, in a 2015 Huffington Post article entitled Why Spirituality Matters More than Ever, explains, “This need is rooted deeper than solace and hope. It’s the need for wisdom.  Wisdom is a word that’s open to cheap shots and automatic dismissal. It’s even alien to the kind of spirituality that’s about issues like self-esteem and love. Wisdom is much less personal and mysterious. It gets at the heart of why we exist and what our purpose is.” Our purpose, we find, exists in meaning, purposefulness, and meeting our true potential—things that we were unable to pursue when bound by the chains of addiction. Spirituality allows us to have a major shift in our motivations, emotions, and thoughts that helps us achieve and maintain sobriety.

Contemplative spiritual practices like meditation and prayer can help us achieve a sense of serenity and calm that allow us to regulate our emotions and mitigate stress. Praying to a higher power may elicit a relaxation response and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. According to the University of Minnesota, “There are several types of prayer, many of which are rooted in the belief that there is a higher power that has some level of influence over your life. This belief can provide a sense of comfort and support in difficult times—a recent study found that clinically depressed adults who believed their prayers were heard by a concerned presence responded much better to treatment than those who did not believe.” The belief in a Higher Power was enough to improve their reactions to treatment.

American motivational speaker Denis Waitley said, “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” As we achieve sobriety and take on a life of spiritual principles, we find that our lives become filled with feelings of happiness, joyousness, and freedom.

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