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What Should Be Done To Succeed In Treatment?

Treatment for substance abuse includes various therapies.  Group and individual therapy help a person in treatment get the support needed to move forward and create a new life.  Interaction with others who have similar experiences can enhance another’s wellbeing. To succeed in treatment, an individual has to find themselves, learn new communication techniques, and decide a change is the only option.

The first challenge in treatment is detox.  The process of removing toxins from the body begins mindfulness.  Being fully aware of the mind and body can build a connection with oneself.  Detox can be very uncomfortable and difficult. Many facilities encourage a total focus on detox and avoid therapy during the process.  Giving the individual an opportunity to heal themselves and start a connection between the mind and body. Therapy for the mind and spirit connection starts when the person in treatment is ready to change focus.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, builds self-esteem and understanding of the personal situation.  Each journey through recovery is different. Treatment will vary according to an individual’s needs. The therapist can provide one on one coaching and advice on how to handle life events.  The person in treatment can engage in the treatment by using different techniques and opening up to the counselor. Practicing the coping skills during treatment can strengthen the recovery.  

Group therapy provides advice and connection with others.  People in treatment have similar lives which they want to change.  Motivating each other is uplifting for both parties. Addiction can make a person disconnected from friends and family.  Treatment gives an opportunity to practice reconnecting and building healthy relationships. Engaging in group activities helps each person grow as an individual.  Groups also have the power to motivate people to express feelings without judgment. Moving forward and forgiving the past produces a new positive feeling which many people with addiction are unable to experience.  

To be successful in treatment isn’t about reaching goals before another person in the group.  Succeeding in recovery has a different meaning for each person. Achieving abstinence could be the only challenge one person wants to overcome, while others want to find stability in day to day lives.  Taking the knowledge learned in treatment and applying the techniques in everyday behaviors will improve everyone’s life. A happy and healthy beginning starts with treatment.

Taking the first jump to sobriety begins with finding the right treatment.  Success in treatment will be up to you. Resilient House can help you find your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle of your choice.  Take back control by calling 833-change1 (833-242-6431).