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What is Included in a Balanced Life?

Everyone’s journey through recovery is different.  Just as no two people are the same, no two recoveries are the same.  Finding personal wellness and balance can be accomplished by anyone.  Addiction and various other factors can set someone far off course.  The cravings for drugs and alcohol will control the individual’s life.  Patterns of negative reactions and behaviors send the person spiraling out of control.  Loss of home, job, and relationships continue the downward plummet.  When the individual seeks help and finds treatment, he or she can begin to strengthen themselves and find a balance to begin a new life free from addiction.

The Network

To build a new life, the person in recovery should begin with support.  Groups and activities with sober friends will create real connections with others.  Having advice and emotional support will give the individual strength.  When a different aspect of living starts to be a challenge, friends and support networks will be available to help work through the situation.  


The basics of day to day life can become overwhelming.  When practicing self-care every day, stress becomes more manageable.  Overwhelming chores and responsibilities are easier to take on.  Challenging oneself feels productive.  Mental health and physical health are equally important.  Boosting self-esteem by working out will motivate an individual to set goals and reach higher.  Regular diet helps the immune system which can prevent someone from getting sick.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The mind, body, and spirit connection will grant the person in recovery feelings of humility and wholesomeness.  Being humble is a noble trait.  Empathy and understanding of others support healthy relationships and friendships.  To build balance of the characteristics, the individual should practice communicating with any higher power.  Prayer or meditation supports each part of the trio.  Relaxation, spiritual healing, and positive thoughts will help the person in recovery feel complete.  

Scheduling and Boundaries

Limitations, and knowing how much stress or work one can handle, is a vital component of a balanced lifestyle.  Becoming overwhelmed with different situations is common post-treatment.  Keeping a strict schedule for a while after graduation will boost the success rate of recovery.  Setting priorities and goals will help the individual stay focused and on track.  Including meetings and volunteer work on a regular basis can keep the individual busy and away from old habits.  Making time for working out, work, friends, family, relaxation, and any other priority can help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  

Addiction will take over someone’s life and through their whole world off balance.  If you or a loved one needs to find peace and balance without substance abuse, please call Resilient House at 833-change1 (833-242-6431).  Let us begin building a new and better life, free from addiction!