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What is Happening to the Mental Health and Addiction Staff?

Due to the countless numbers of people in need, treatment facilities are having a difficult time keeping up with demands.  Doctors, nurses, counselors, and helping staff is becoming overwhelmed.  When every bed is full in a treatment center, every employee has to be on hand.  The overlap of people in recovery who continue to help others have an even harder time coping with the stress.  As the mental health society grows and changes, some key points will affect both the client and the staff.

Burnt Out

Giving care to those in need is a difficult job.  Adding in the stress of addiction treatment needs make caring for someone a little harder.  With so many clients to care for, the staff becomes burnt out on the tasks.  The individuals who need treatment have an even harder time finding facilities which have the right amount of staff on hand.  Facilities need the funding and space to supply the demand.  Staff should be able to take several breaks and be encouraged to focus on personal mental health and wellness.

How is Anyone Getting the Help They Need?

Long waiting lists are a result of not having enough facilities for the number of people in need.  Treatment centers are opening across the country while the addiction epidemic is still on the rise.  Getting in front of the demand is difficult.  Some organizations can provide support without needing to have inpatient treatment.  Beginning treatment before entering a program can still give the person with addiction compassion without the bed.  An individual facing the problem should still seek treatment, even when on a waiting list to get help.  12 step programs are a convenient way for people to start connecting.  Joining a group will ensure focus on treatment and make the wait more bearable.  

Compassion Fatigue

Therapists sometimes have a therapist.  The job of taking in different people’s energy, traumatic experiences, and hardships can create a build-up of emotions.  The therapist can sometimes become numb to his or her clients.  Staff is in need of support and encouragement.  Compassion fatigue will not only interrupt the therapist’s needs.  The performance of aiding others can also be affected.  

Finding the right support from a treatment facility staff can improve your recovery success rate.  Resilient House has an excellent and professional team who will ensure your program is as beneficial as possible.  Comfort and support begin here.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to find the right connections and begin changing your life!