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What is an Alumni Program?

Finding the right facility and treatment is the first step to recovery from addiction.  After treatment, the person with a substance abuse disorder can begin to build a new life.  Falling back into old habits can cause a relapse.  The person in recovery needs continuous support from loved ones, therapists, and 12 step programs to avoid using drugs and alcohol again.  Understanding why support is important will encourage the individual to sustain involvement with an alumni program.  Various programs will have different guidelines and lessons.  The overall focus for alumni is to prolong a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle.  

Alumni Programs commonly have a 12 step group connected or intertwined.  12 step groups provide focus on recovery by working on each step.  The steps include spiritual connections with a higher power, working through past issues, and looking towards a new and brighter future.  Going through the process with the assists of others who have also worked the steps gives the individual an opportunity to get advice and learn new ways of coping with changes.  Others who have been sober for an extended amount of time enjoy supporting the newcomers on the journey.

Whether the Alumni program involves a direct connection with the 12 steps or not, the group itself can provide similar support.  Building new relationships with sober friends can aid the individual in learning new ways of communication.  The group will help keep the person in recovery busy and avoid going back to old habits and places where drug use occurred.  Having an association with others experiencing similar situations can encourage the individual to have hope of a successful recovery.  Going to Alumni Programs help the person in recovery hold themselves accountable.  Personal actions and behaviors are noticed by the individual.  

Connection with those who are beginning sobriety build pride for the person in recovery.  Working with others who need support can help an individual understand empathy and create an environment where everyone feels safe.  Pride, empathy, and humility are qualities gained in Alumni Programs.  Being there for others encourages the individual to feel uplifted and successful.  The self-esteem can help balance a happy and healthy lifestyle.  The people who are newly sober can look to the alumni and see the possibilities of a drug-free life.  Hope will encourage all parties involved to maintain sobriety and look towards a better future.

Treatment cannot cure addiction.  Getting help is the stepping stone to success.  Resilient House provides quality continued support through the Alumni Program.  Find out how you can maintain a brighter future by calling 833-change1 (833-242-6431).