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What Does Success in Recovery Mean?

Addiction is a nasty experience.  The downfall from normal to rock bottom is sometimes not realized until drastic events start happening.  Drugs and alcohol can distract a person from real life situations.  The individual can ignore broken relationships or career fails due to the substances having control of the mind.  When the person with addiction feels they have lost everything, realizing the problem can be emotional chaos.  The person might question whether they can quit substance abuse by themselves.  Taking on the challenge alone is the hard way.  Treatment isn’t easy, although many find the support more comforting than fighting the loneliness.  The knowledge and skills built through treatment will help the individual find the definition of success in recovery.

An individual can only define success in recovery for themselves.  Various situations can help the person in treatment discover what success appears to be.  Therapy gives the individual an opportunity to see what has happened through the addiction.  Looking back at what the individual would like to change about their life can give meaning to the action plan.  Having a plan and developing goals and milestones encourages growth.  Treatment provides the foundation needed to build a new life and move forward.

The list below provides an outline of what some success stories involve.  Although the examples do not cover all opportunities available, the guidelines can give a person fighting addiction motivation to find their way.  Every journey through recovery is different.  The individual has to decide for themselves what is the priority to building a new and better life.

Abstinence from substances

Drugs and alcohol are addictive in various ways.  Detoxification will only remove the substances from the body.  Coping skills and education can encourage abstinence.  Relapse prevention taught throughout treatment needs to be practiced consistently.  

A continuous support network

Loneliness is a powerful characteristic of addiction.  Group therapy and alumni support will keep a person in recovery on the right path.  Knowing the individual is not alone counteracts the feelings addiction provides.  


A person in recovery could want routine and financial balance on a day to day basis.  The simplicities in life will give new meaning to success.

Balanced health

Sleeping, diet, and exercise can become the building blocks of self-esteem and emotional control.

Safe environment

Many people facing addiction come from a lifestyle of hardship or trauma.  Removing oneself from the negative environment can make or break relapse prevention.

Better friendships and relationships

Human connection is vital to a positive lifestyle.  Isolation from friends and family disconnects relationships.  Success in recovery could simply mean better communication with loved ones.

Finding the meaning of success in recovery shouldn’t be tackled alone.  Call Resilient House today and get the support you or a loved one need to fight addiction and build a healthy lifestyle.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)