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What Does Mental Health Have to Do With Addiction?

Mental health and addiction run side by side.  A person suffering from addiction can develop poor mental health due to the reactions drugs and alcohol cause.  The same goes for mental health issues.  Someone suffering from a mental health disorder could use drugs and alcohol to numb or forget the pain.  Both categories will result in the individual needing assistance to battle the disorder or disorders.  Dual-diagnosis in common with substance abuse and mental disorders.  Fighting two disorders will be more difficult for an individual.


The use of drugs and alcohol can begin for many different reasons.  Trauma and stress are a few of the leading causes.  People begin using substances as a coping mechanism to forget, ignore, or become numb to feelings.  Trauma can include, although not limited to, a death of a loved one, sexual assault, a sudden imbalance in life, war, injury, or natural disaster.  Traumatic experiences or life situations can build up stress.  Dealing with stress can be very hard for people who have not had experience with a high level or who were not taught through childhood how to cope with overwhelming emotions.

Using drugs and alcohol will alter the way a person thinks and behaves.  Once addiction has taken control of an individual’s life, the ability to cope becomes even more difficult.  The brain begins to have repeated thoughts due to cravings for substances.  Mental health becomes unbalanced.  The person with the addiction will need to seek treatment to overcome obstacles of racing thoughts and compulsive behaviors.  

Mental Health

Someone suffering from a mental health disorder, in the beginning, usually doesn’t know the disorder is present.  Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder are a few examples.  People suffering from mental health issues look just like everyone else.  The behaviors, actions, and reactions are the only clues to something being amiss.  Stress, embarrassment from compulsive behaviors, and anger issues will drive the individual to use drugs and alcohol for various reasons.  The person with a disorder will want to forget previous mistakes or try to self-medicate the overbearing actions.  

Through treatment, someone with a mental health disorder can find emotional support and medication when needed.  Mental health plays a vital role in living a balanced, happy, and healthy lifestyle.  Treatment can aid an individual in building a new life for themselves.

When you feel mental health or addiction has taken control over your life seeking help will give you back control.  Resilient House is a treatment center which can provide you with professional assistance and guidance in building a new and better life.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)