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What Does Environment Have To Do With Addiction?

People with addiction have a difficult time breaking old habits.  The cravings for drugs and alcohol will have control over actions and behaviors.  The individual’s life is set on a revolving pattern of cravings, using, and emotions.  Changing habits and environment can be difficult to do alone.  Support from others gives the individual more opportunities.  A new environment and sober friends will aid the person in finding a new, healthy, and happy life.  

Treatment environment

Going to inpatient treatment can be scary.  A person suffering from addiction will be uncomfortable with staying somewhere new.  Some facilities can be more welcoming than others.  Finding the right match is tricky.  Looking to others for recommendations and advice can aid the individual in finding the perfect match.  The center can offer the person who is changing a clean and drug-free environment for gaining control over cravings and work through detox.  

Housing after treatment

Going home to the same environment which was related to the time of using drugs and alcohol can trigger old habits to stir up.  When a new environment is peril to recovery, the individual in recovery can find a different place to live.  Many sober living homes can provide a drug-free home with continued support and structure.  Treatment helps an individual start a new routine or schedule.  Eating, sleeping, and physical activity are regulated and incorporated into daily schedules.  When the individual graduates from treatment, the routine can be interrupted without the support of a healthy environment.

People, places, and things

Triggers can come from many different avenues.  The simplest interactions with something or someone who reminds the individual of times using drugs and alcohol can create temptations.  Having sober friends, a safe environment, and avoiding items used to abuse drugs and alcohol will support a successful recovery.  One of the key elements is staying away from places where the person used.  

Building a new life

Creating a new life includes building a new environment.  The fear of social interaction or visiting new places will possibly have an adverse effect.  The individual needs to be open-minded and willing to try different things.  Knowing where the person enjoys spending time will help them understand how new environments can encourage healthy living.  Activities outdoors can boost spiritual feelings and physical activity.  Finding hobbies which can incorporate sober friends helps develop social and communication skills.  Any environment which aids the person in recovery to feel encouraged and motivated to move forward will benefit a new and healthy lifestyle.    

Living through the same patterns and habits while using drugs and alcohol can enclose a person in a negative environment.  Opening up to new possibilities is scary at first.  Resilient House can help you grow an open mind to new adventures.  Building a new life with the support we provide will change the view of what sobriety seems to be.  Call us today to get started on your new adventure. 833-change1 (833-242-6431)