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What Causes Overdose?

The definition of addiction is the state of being enslaved to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.  Mental destruction happens when an addict uses a substance to escape from reality. Drugs and alcohol alter the brain’s ability to function properly. Continually abusing drugs and alcohol will build a tolerance in the body and cravings will encourage the more frequent use of higher doses. Without professional care and support, an addict can end up overdosing from certain substances. Without medical attention to an overdose, the individual can die.

Trauma, stress, and mental disorders are the most common reasons drug and alcohol addiction begin.  The high from using drugs and alcohol remove the individual from reality for a short amount of time.  With some drugs, the first use will be the one to produce cravings or result in overdose. The extreme cases of an overdose, on the first use, can be caused by underlying health issues, added substances in the drug, or simply the body couldn’t handle the conditions.  Drugs of excessive potency are more likely to build a tolerance. The mind will have extreme lows and highs which create more mood swings, negative thoughts, and difficulty concentrating. The mental health will continue to deteriorate as substance abuse occurs.

The physical aspects of drug and alcohol abuse are as negative, if not worse, than the mental ones.  The brain and body become used to the substance in the system. Itchiness, urges, and thoughts will cloud the addict’s judgment.  Shakes and other symptoms will only aid the addict in rationalizing why they need the drug. Taking prescription drugs for pain is a common way to develop an addiction.  Strong pain medications mask the health issue without help. The person will take more and more of the medication. Trying to come off the pills will be difficult without help and could result in needing treatment.  Continued use could result in tolerance and eventually overdose.

Feeding the cravings will only help build up the tolerance to the drug of choice.  Breaking the cycle through treatment will show the addict an opportunity to a sober life.  Without help from professionals and peers, an addict could continue use. The longer abuse sustains, the more dangerous the risks.  The chances of overdosing, and the possibility of ending in death, are more real.

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