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What Benefits Does Being Mindful Provide?

The fast pace culture of today makes life difficult.  Stress, anxiety, and depression can sneak in at any moment.  The chaos of day to day life distracts someone from the happiness which is all around.  Addiction sometimes begins with the stress of normal daily activities.  A person under pressure will want to forget their problems and feel euphoric, even when it is false feelings.  Drugs and alcohol give an individual a negative escape from reality.  The emotions involved with substance abuse are not true feelings and can have a detrimental result of opposite feelings when the high wears off.  Cutting ties with addiction through treatment provides a better outlook on how to handle stress and life in general. 

Practicing mindfulness after being addicted to substances will feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Freeing racing thoughts which bring anxiety can make the mind feel naked.  A blank slate is harder to accomplish than most would think.  Being able to still one’s mind after excessive worry and high emotions takes a lot of work.  Thoughts can continue to wander even when someone is becoming successful with being mindful.

The most common understanding of mindfulness is meditation.  Practicing meditation, and sometimes prayer, calms the soul and frees the mind of chaos.  Simply sitting still and being in the present seems easy.  Physically trying to do so is a whole other story.  Guided meditations help make beginner practices easier.  

Mindfulness is not limited to sitting still with eyes closed.  Being mindful can aid someone during a traumatic experience or a heated argument.  Self-control and remaining calm through difficult times will give the brain a chance to react positively.  Health and wellness are improved by the practice.  Lowering stress can lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and improve sleep.  

After someone has practiced mindfulness for a while, the prevention of stress and awareness of themselves is empowering.  The individual will have the ability to recognize when he or she is becoming off balance.  Stopping stress before it builds up will enable the person to act on positive behaviors, even while under pressure.  

Relationships can flourish when two people have mindful habits.  Others needs are more easily understood.  Being in the present moment with someone is an incredible feeling.  Relationships grow when people make the connection.  Communication skills are improved when both parties are paying attention.  Blocking surrounding noises and distractions becomes easier with time.

Mindfulness and understanding of others are hopeless when drugs and alcohol are being used.  Break the chains of addiction with Resilient House.  We can provide you with the tools needed to develop and understand what mindfulness can do for you.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)