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What are Volunteering Options?

Addicts have a common negative habit of pushing people away.  Selfish actions destroy empathy and separate the individual from society.  Once treatment is sought out, and the addict begins to transition back into society, finding volunteer work will benefit the integration process.  The person in recovery can develop a better understanding of others. Finding new sober friends with volunteering will benefit the growth of new relationships on a healthy level.  Giving time and support to those in need aids the addict in feeling gratitude for what is present in life. A few options for volunteering include:

  • Church support
  • Soup kitchens
  • Packaging goods for various organizations
  • Teaching with a park district
  • Community clean up
  • Visiting an assisted living home or nursing home
  • Volunteering at the local hospital
  • Joining activities through AA
  • Helping at a goodwill facility
  • Make packages for military personnel overseas
  • Join a march or run for a cause
  • Help local schools raise money for funding education
  • Support another newly sober addict
  • Become a sponsor
  • Donate time to building homes or shelters

The benefits of volunteering are endless. Showing support for the local community will help the person in recovery grow on an individual level as well as prove change is possible.  Setting a positive example for others gives a sense of pride. Feeling proud was lost during drug and alcohol abuse. Seeing others in more need than themselves will humble the person in recovery.  Gratitude for extra time to give to others will be uplifting.

When a group of people comes together for the greater good, the excitement can spread.  Encouraging other to be good to each other will help the person in recovery understand why affiliation is important.  Learning to work with a team can develop new skills.

Planing time to donate and support a local cause can fill a schedule.  Stress and boredom are leading causes of relapse. Gardening, painting, or building with volunteer work will eliminate stress and take up downtime.  Making volunteering a routine agenda can keep the person in recovery on a path which avoids confrontation and stress.

Spirituality is also affected by volunteering.  When working through a church organization, the addict can keep a focus on personal beliefs.  Spiritual support, whether religious or not, can give the addict a better understanding of the 12 step programs and how to connect with a higher power.  

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