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What are the Best Practices for Controlling Stress?

Controlling stress in recovery is a mandatory tool to have a successful recovery.  Balancing relaxation and stress management will ensure an individual’s strength against relapse.  Making stress management part of a person’s daily or weekly routine can keep the focus on recovery.  Creating new habits of positive actions and practices develop a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Stress Management Tools

The daily routine of the practices can aid development and maintain a balanced lifestyle.  Human needs are met in various ways by each coping skill.  Stress can become overwhelming quickly.  Reactions to the heightened emotions are what sets people apart.  Those who react in a calm and sustained manner have fewer issues with stress.  Use the tools below to change habits and become stronger.


Expressing emotions is out of control while drugs and alcohol have power.  Eliminating use of substances and writing down emotions will free up mind-space for more positive behaviors to emerge.  Journaling isn’t always just about emotions.  Making lists of priorities and duties will help an individual remember which needs should be met, and when.  Stress levels will be down due to the practice of journaling.

Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and prayer are sometimes known for the spiritual factors.  The practices can also aid in learning to control actions.  When stress hits, the individual has to be able to stay calm and focused on the problem at hand.  Going into deep meditation can help the person in recovery develop skills and control.  Keeping the mind open and controlling thoughts will help with problem-solving and avoid anxiety.

Exercise and Diet

Balancing health and well being strengthens an individual’s ability to function under high stress.  When the body is balanced and healthy, the mind and mood can be under better circumstances to counteract stress.  The immune system can fight off illness and disease.  When the body is unwell, the individual’s stress level will rise.  Eating right can also aid in mood stabilization.  Stress can be shut down by a positive outlook and knowing each situation is only temporary.

Fun with Friends

A person in recovery needs to let loose every once in awhile.  Scheduling time off with friends gives an opportunity to let responsibilities go for a short time.  Ignoring duties is not part of a balanced lifestyle.  A break from productivity and stress gains the individual freedom from the struggles for a short time.  Coming back to obligations shows the person in recovery is committed to continuing the journey.

Stress and anxiety can be the hardship and sometimes the cause of addiction.  Don’t let drugs and alcohol control your ability to handle life’s problems.  Take your life back and call Resilient House.  We are committed to helping you succeed in recovery.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)