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What are People Doing to Kill the Stigma?

People across the nation are fighting to eliminate the stigma of addiction and mental illness.  Disorders affect an estimated 25% of the country.  Groups similar to Breaking the Cycle are spreading the word of substance abuse and how treatment and knowledge can change the perception.  People affected by addiction are coming forward to tell personal stories.  Family and friends of those lost to overdose have answers to questions few have the strength to ask.  Speaking out about mental health can change how others are treated, in society and treatment centers.

New treatment facilities are popping up everywhere.  Personally owned and government-funded centers can make treatment more widely available to those in need.  Government officials and insurance companies are changing laws and regulations for more options.  The opioid crisis is unfortunate, although the situation has made more people aware of what the nation is fighting.  Addiction can overrun a nation without proper care.  When The War on Drugs campaign began, many Americans thought locking up people with addiction would help others avoid using.  Jail time will sober someone up while neglecting the mental health aspect.  

Let’s Kill the Monster is a new campaign on social media.  The group is trying to make heroin addiction a well-known issue.  Family and friends with loved ones suffering or lost to addiction are encouraged to put personal stories up.  The theme of the campaign is PIE (prevent, inspire, and educate).  In Reading, PA the Berks County Mental Health officials, doctors, teachers, and other community leaders have come together to host an event called Strike Out the Stigma.  The local college stadium will be filled with games, activities, and videos to help educate the public of different issues on addiction and mental illness.  

Any organization can open the doors to providing information.  Starting an event or spread of knowledge will support the downfall of stigma against addiction, suicide, and mental disorders.  Everyone facing the battles needs support from others who are not fighting.  Awareness of the opioid crisis is rising.  Finding a solution will take involvement from everyone.  

Don’t let stigma stop you from getting the help and treatment you need.  If a loved one needs help, give them the support needed to find recovery.  Resilient House can offer everyone a safe environment, away from the stigma.  The facility has professionals on hand to aid everyone with the transformation into a happy, healthy, and new lifestyle.  Call us at 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to end the stigma and change your future.