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What are 7 Ways Treatment Will Help?

Addiction can paralyze a person’s life.  Drug and alcohol use will inhibit people from productive and balanced lifestyles.  Cravings and withdrawal symptoms can result in missing work or school and impair the bodies natural ability to function.  Treatment for substance abuse helps an individual find relief.  Building a new life is more likely to be successful after graduation from treatment.  Fighting addiction without treatment is risky.  The success rate for recovery without treatment is extremely low.  Matching a person with an addiction to a facility can be tricky, although a much better option.  


Treatment begins with detoxification of substances in the body.  Other aspects of treatment are put on hold to give the individual enough time to become sober and have a focus on the body’s needs. Trying to add in other forms of treatment during detox will overwhelm the patient.  Detox without medical support will often fail.  The toxicity level in the body will determine how long the detox process will take.

Emotional Support

Being able to talk openly about addiction is difficult outside of treatment.  Stigma and the lack of professional assistance prevents an individual from gaining the emotional support needed to fight cravings and have control over feelings.  One on one therapy and group therapy are provided during treatment to ensure the person facing addiction can feel comfortable enough to continue treatment after graduation.

The Plan

Treatment centers will put a treatment plan in place for the person with an addiction.  The guidelines will help the individual understand what steps to take to have a successful recovery.  The plan could change throughout treatment when the person in recovery meets milestones or needs different care to have a better success rate.

Future Treatment

Going through inpatient treatment educates the person with an addiction.  With the knowledge provided, the individual will be able to understand how drugs and alcohol have altered their life.  Creating a new future will need to include ongoing treatment and support.  

Coping Skills

To fight off cravings and emotional stress, the person in recovery has to use various tools to avoid relapse.  Coping skills taught during treatment will provide a full toolbox of techniques.  Practicing the skills will ensure a higher success rate in recovery.  

Safe Environment

Living in a house with other people who use drugs and alcohol can impair a person from getting help and staying sober.  Treatment facilities offer a safe environment for someone who comes from an unstable home.


Old habits and behaviors will continue to flourish while an individual is using drugs and alcohol.  Sleeping, eating, and self-care are not handled properly during the using stage of addiction.  Treatment centers will help an individual balance a personal routine to boost health and wellness.

Resilient House is an addiction treatment center which will help you find the right path to have a successful recovery.  Don’t let drugs and alcohol decide your future.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to take back your life, today!