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Treatment Myths

Society’s stigma of addiction and mental health can prevent someone from wanting to find help.  People fighting the battles are told lies from the comments and ridicule.  Many believe addiction and emotions are something which everyone can control.  Once addiction is known as a disease, the individuals can understand why treatment is important.  Knowledge of the treatment process, and what is simply not true, will benefit everyone involved.  Friends and family can understand and empathize with the loved one who needs help.  


A person with substance abuse disorder are sometimes told, “you just have to quit” or “your willpower is weak.”  For people who don’t face addiction or mental disorders, willpower is equivalent to not moving while getting a haircut.  Sit still, even though the hair itches.  Cravings for drugs and alcohol are on a whole other level.  Willpower has nothing to do with the chemical dependency of addiction.  Emotional control is almost nonexistent to someone with a mental disorder.  


The importance of detox is only the first step.  Understanding what happens to the body and what an individual will face during detox is only another stepping stone.  Realizing detox is not going to cure the person with addiction is tripping on the path and landing face down.  Detox will only remove the toxins in the body, not from the habits or the mind.  Treatment, therapy, and sometimes medication are the key elements of the process.

Want to be Treated

Some have said, “Treatment will only work when the person with addiction wants to get better.”  A person who is put into treatment unwillingly has the same chance of being successful as a volunteer.  Detox and therapy can have a lasting effect on someone who has changed the perception of life.  The tools and support give an individual sight to a possibility which was never an option before.  The opportunity to build a new, healthy, and happy life is now available.  

Medications During Detox

Using medication during detox is a way for individuals, who are having difficulties with detox, to relieve some of the pain and discomfort.  Some substances are harsher on the system than others.  The harder drugs could put a person into shock while trying to detox.  Fatality is possible from detoxification.  Medications, although sometimes addicting, can help the person with a substance abuse disorder wean off of the toxins.  Becoming addicted to the new medication is a possibility, although very uncommon when administered in a professional environment.

Don’t be fooled by the rumors of addiction.  Resilient House can give you the proper information to help you understand what you are battling, also what you are fighting for.  Freedom from addiction is only a phone call away.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)