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Time Management In Recovery

Time management is the process of planning how to divide time.  Having good time management skills can help to work smarter, and not harder. An individual can enhance productivity and personal growth.  For someone recovering from addiction time management provides routine, health maintenance, and stress relief. The key elements help keep balance and avoid relapse.  Paying attention to recovery needs to be a priority. Many people graduating from treatment don’t know how to focus on recovery efficiently. Good time management skills can aid in keeping abstinence and building a new life.  


Through the recovery process an individual must think about the importance of maintaining sobriety.  After graduation from treatment, a person in recovery can create a solid routine for healthy living. Having the means to do so will require extra work or set priorities to accomplish certain goals.  The average person doesn’t always consider eating, reading, and sleeping to be at the top of the to-do list. Basic needs were not a priority while using drugs and alcohol. Retraining the brain to focus on simple needs can be difficult.  Keeping a sober schedule while trying to meet the challenges of day to day living in society can clash. A sober schedule consists of coping skills and healthy activities to fill the individual’s life with positive habits. Compulsive behaviors and emotional highs had control over the person.  After treatment the individual has to grow away from previous situations, and replace them with healthy habits. Recovery is the main priority.

Practicing Coping Skills

The understanding of coping skills is knowing when and how to use them.  To ensure the exercises are helpful routine practices should be scheduled.  Setting aside time to do an activity which is enjoyed by the individual will have many benefits.  Building a new talent can raise self-esteem and provide a new skill for the person in recovery to enhance.  The new ability can become a daily habit which essentially replaces the use of substances on a more positive level.  Adding in other coping skills can increase a healthy lifestyle. Simple tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and practicing hygiene improve personal standards and also raises self-esteem.  Appreciation and gratitude are acquired by improving time management and creating new habits. Another benefit is filling time. Spending time on personal-care will avoid boredom and relapse.

Time management is difficult for everyone.  Understanding how spending time wisely can enhance your life will enable you to build strength against addiction.  Resilient House can provide you with the tools and skills needed to find hope in recovery. 833-change1 (833-242-6431).