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Stress Awareness

The common advice for relieving stress is to counteract the anxiety with relaxation.  The misunderstanding is even with relaxation the stressors are still present. Solutions to the problems can be resolved or processed.  The trick is to be calm and organized to handle each event. Built up stress can be avoided. Getting ahead of the pressure will aid a person in managing stress.  Through addiction an individual is faced with lack of motivation and positive influence. Fighting back to take control of the situation is more difficult. Stress awareness will be vital for a successful recovery.


Setting goals and having priorities will provide an individual will tactics to lessen stress.  For someone facing addiction or mental health issues, priorities could include meetings, sobriety, and spiritual connection.  Time management and stress awareness are positive goals for everyone to overcome. Adding in a health issue, such as addiction or a disorder, interrupts the balance.  People facing the issues will have to work harder at keeping the focus on health and wellness.

Know the Stressors

Through recovery a person is faced with stress from family, society, and themselves.  Acknowledging the stressors and learning how to deal with each one can be taught during treatment.  The individual has to decide which stressor needs to be a priority and still be able to manage other relations in life.  Triggers are situations which can lead to relapse. Avoiding relapse is a key ingredient to overcome addiction. Knowing and being aware of the triggers can pave a path to positive and inspirational living.  Working through each trigger and stressor during treatment will give the individual a new light on how to manage the tension.

Time Management

Building a new life also includes creating a new schedule.  Setting time aside for priorities and relaxation needs to be in balance.  Finding ways to relax and accomplish a task simultaneously will support growth and personal understanding.  Changes made to the schedule can lead to greater success or more stress. Each person has to figure out how and when the best options are available.  

Don’t Stress over Stress

Allowing stress to build will set back goals and sobriety.  A person in recovery needs to know what direction they are taking to continue to move forward.  The individual is the only person who can measure success in recovery. Overthinking or over analyzing situations can create unwanted stress.  Taking action or setting problems aside for a short time will enable the person in recovery to maintain a calm manner, while continuing to work on progress.  

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