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Stick with the Winners

Early sobriety can be a difficult time in regards to our shifting social circle. We are often entering into a new community of recovering individuals, and all the anxiety and stress of being around strangers in a new environment may be uncomfortable. It is easy to feel disconnected from others, especially those who have long periods of sobriety because we find it difficult to identify with them. However, these people are the exact type of people that we should be surrounding ourselves with.

Jordan B. Peterson, in his book 12 Rules for Life, explains, “If you surround yourself with people who support your upward aim, they will not tolerate your cynicism and destructiveness. They will instead encourage you when you do good for yourself and others and punish you carefully when you do not. This will help bolster your resolve to do what you should do, in the most appropriate and careful manner.” Being around others who take their sobriety seriously and are happy, joyous, and free while doing so can help us strengthen our own recovery. If our support system is made up of people who have an upward trajectory toward a life of sobriety, we will be less inclined to allow aspects of our own program to slip.

On the other hand, surrounding ourselves with those who are do not possess the necessary honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to enter into a life of sobriety can be damaging to or own recovery. Peterson further explains, “People who are not aiming up will do the opposite. They will offer a former smoker a cigarette or a former alcoholic a beer. They will become jealous when you succeed, or do something pristine. They will withdraw their presence or support, or actively punish you for it. They will over-ride your accomplishment with a past action, real or imaginary, of their own.” Our improvements reveal their faults and they will not want us to succeed in our own sobriety.

The recovery community, like any community, has both types of people: those who want to succeed and those who do not. The best thing we can do when entering into the recovery community is look for “the winners.” That is, those people who are not only sober, but who are actively applying the principles of recovery to their own lives and living with happiness, joyousness, and freedom.

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