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Planning to Take Action in Recovery

Recovering from addiction is an extremely difficult task.  With all of life’s challenges, addiction is one of the hardest things to overcome.  People dealing with addiction have lost valuable assets in life, such as family connections, jobs, homes, self-esteem, emotional control, etc.  The list is extensive. Throughout treatment the individual can discover how to take back control of his or her life. Learning how to cope with cravings, manage stress, and time will enable the individual to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.  The treatment plan will only take someone so far, though. The person in recovery should consider taking action as a higher priority.

Planning Success vs. Being Successful

Throughout treatment an individual is given a Treatment Plan.  The beginning explains where the individual started, how addiction took over his or her life, and why the individual wants to become better.  Addiction can have an underlying issue such as a mental health disorder or type of trauma. The Treatment Plan will provide information on any findings of the issue.  The plan will be altered, according to the patient’s needs. The middle of the treatment plan typically explains the inpatient treatment. Doctors and the care team can provide therapies and medications for the individual to work towards recovery and dilute discomfort.  The rest of the action plan will give the individual goals and motivation to continue on a successful recovery.

After treatment, the person in recovery has to maintain the action plan and stop setting goals.  The future success will depend on how the individual takes each step towards personal goals. Having too many accomplishments to work towards will crowd the focus and become stressful.  Stress is one of the leading factors of relapse. Each goal should be broken down into smaller and easier steps. Each little step taken should be considered being successful. Realizing every little action taken is creating a new and better life provides success in recovery.  


Every person fighting addiction needs to be aware of procrastination.  Holding off on taking action towards personal goals will inhibit accomplishing each goal.  Procrastination can also include continuing to analyze the plan. Making little necessary changes to the action plan is safe as long as the individual realizes the alterations are going to make success easier.  Planning and replanning, over and over again, prevents the person in recovery from taking the small steps towards success.

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