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Physical vs. Mental Health

The general public views mental health as something to be feared.  Misunderstanding, ignorance, and cultural traditions create a barrier to many individuals in finding the help needed to balance a healthy lifestyle.  Society moves at a very fast pace.  Many people fail to see the signs of mental disorders and addiction.  The mind needs to be cared for as does the body.  Various healthy practices such as diet and exercise will improve overall health, while the balance of relaxation and productivity focuses on mental health.

The reasons for people developing mental difficulties come from many different aspects.  General health, family history, and various experiences in life can influence someone’s mental state.  Each person is an individual and will react to each aspect differently.  One person could feel stress, while another will be able to understand and handle the stress level easily.  The same two people will also have different reactions to traumatic experiences.  

Addiction and mental health run side by side due to drugs and alcohol having a severe impact on the brain.  Dual-diagnosis is when addiction and mental disorder coexist.  The mental disorder could be the reason an individual started using substances.  Numbing the problem is sometimes an easier coping mechanism than facing the embarrassment, judgment, or fighting self-control.  

Physical health is easier for professionals to decipher.  Measuring the body’s levels and regulating medications has been developing for generations.  Mental health stigma has kept many professionals from being able to find causes and treatments to correct the disorders.  The age of addiction and mental health has become more intense in the past few years.  More people are suffering from addiction and mental disorders which also begin to affect the physical body.  Stress is proven to play a role in the body’s ability to function properly.  Anyone can develop issues just by becoming over stressed.  Mental disorders and addiction are stressors in themselves.

The balance and stress relief needed to maintain a healthy mental state is different for every individual.  Many facilities have a hard time explaining to patients why techniques are working for one person and not another.  Trial and error is common among mental health centers.  The approach is best for finding what will work for an individual.  

Physical well being can maintain, as long as the individual doesn’t have a genetic disease or developing issue.  When an illness is already present, mental health can be affected.  Mental health can already be a hereditary issue and need extra attention to avoid issues.  Fear and guilt can prevent someone from finding mental help.  Therefore, the individual can suffer from addiction and physical issues.  All factors can affect another.  The balance can be assisted by asking for help.  

Physical and mental health will be damaged by addiction.  Fortunately, most of the issues drugs and alcohol create can be maintained with treatment and support.  Resilient House offers state of the art facilities for any and all kinds of support.  Call us today and see what change really looks like.  833-change1 (833-242-6431)