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Physical Health Effects Mental Health and Addiction

To have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, one needs to understand the importance of physical and mental health.  Being healthy is commonly associated with peak physical condition.  Mental health can be low on priorities or ignored altogether.  Realizing how physical and mental health are associated will give an individual understanding of how to balance the two.  With chronic illnesses or disorders, the risk of having issues on the opposite spectrum is higher.  Fighting cancer pain with opioids could create an addiction.  Someone battling bipolar disorder could develop an illness from having a low immune system.  Everything is tied together in one way or another.

Examples of the Connection

Someone who has a substance abuse disorder didn’t always use drugs or alcohol.  Something changed in life to begin using.  Traumatic experiences, grief or depression, and stress are common situations which result in addiction.  An extreme illness or disease can trigger the emotions.  Weakened physical health can put anyone off balance.  When someone becomes obese or develops an eating disorder, depression can set in.  Stress and depression are some of the leading causes of disorders.  

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health needs direct attention.  Facing a mental disorder diagnosis can be shocking.  The disorder can deteriorate the physical condition due to lack of motivation.  Physical activity keeps the body’s chemical balance.  When a mental disorder has already created an imbalance, the body has a difficult time regulating the immune system.  Depression or anxiety from the mental health issue can also affect the chances of getting sick.  The cycle of illness and emotions can continue to bring the individual down and create more problems.

Addiction and Physical Health

When a person with an addiction allows the substance to have control, physical health becomes less important.  Low self-esteem and motivation are a result of using drugs and alcohol.  The individual will lose interest in self-care.  The health as well as appearance changes with each use of drugs and alcohol.  Everything involved is connected.  Rotting teeth from using meth can cause illness and disease of the mouth and throat.  Smoking crack or other drugs will affect the respiratory system.  Excessive drinking can cause liver disease.  

Getting Help

A person affected by mental health or addiction can develop physical issues.  To stop the downward spiral, the individual needs support from others who understand.  Friends and family can aid in recovery and professionals support proper treatment and recovery.  Treatment for mental health and addiction will bring motivation to live a healthy, happy life.  Continued support after graduation from treatment will ensure success in recovery.

Your physical and mental health are equally important.  At Resilient House, we provide you with the tools to balance all aspects of life.  Group and individual therapy with give you the assistance with mental health.  The gym, yoga studio, and beautiful trails will help balance the physical needs.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to find the right balance for you!