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Overdose Reversal Drug

The opioid crisis is taking the nation by storm.  Treatment facilities and emergency rooms are overflowing with people in need of care.  As a result, overdoses are also on the rise. Paramedics have begun to carry naloxone hydrochloride, or Narcan, just in case response time could save someone’s life.  Narcan is the overdose antidote for opioids, heroin, and fentanyl. The nasal spray is convenient to use and can save lives.

The Pittsburgh paramedics started the trend of the leave-behind program.  For patients who refuse treatment, the paramedics will leave a dose of Narcan behind.  Leaving the overdose antidote is not a form of treatment, although could save a life. Ohio is a state which has seen 5,232 deaths by overdose from June of 2016 to June of 2017.  The numbers could be higher due to incomplete reporting. States could start working together to improve the nation’s chances of beating the opioid epidemic.

People suffering from addiction to opioids should seek treatment.  A person can build a tolerance to the substance quickly. For the individual to achieve the euphoric feeling of the drug, the dose will increase.  Before the person realizes too much has been taken, it could be too late. Whether the overdose is intentional or not, the individual will need the reversal drug to avoid respiratory problems.  Opioid overdose is a very ugly reality and should not be taken lightly. The spread of Narcan can begin to make a change to the heroin and fentanyl troubles.

Treatment for opioid addiction can vary depending on the individual, drug of choice, and amount of toxins consumed.  Opioids include painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl. Perscription painkillers become addictive once a patient has taken the pills for too long.  Heroin and fentanyl are sometimes laced together to give a more extreme high, which also creates more risk for overdosing. The duo of poisons is commonly injected.  Becoming an inpatient at an addiction treatment center will enable the individual to detox properly and begin abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Opiates are strong drugs and detox can be dangerous.  The person in recovery should take the medications and practice the treatments according to the doctor’s orders and ensure a successful recovery from detox. Therapy and more treatment can begin and the individual can continue to improve.  

Opioid is on the rise and giving many people fear of addiction and overdose.  Give yourself hope and join the Resilient House Treatment Center to overcome addiction and take back your life.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to learn more about how the crisis can be changed and how you can change.