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Mental Health First Aid

When someone begins a new job, part of the training is to learn the procedures of crisis situations.  First Aid is common with training in various fields.  With the rise of mental disorders and addiction awareness, companies should consider providing mental health techniques and assistance.  Someone facing panic attacks or fighting depression should not have to hide at work or take extra sick days.  Everyone can be support for others with education and awareness.  Handling an emotional crisis can alter the way an individual reacts to a situation.  

Major Points and Examples


  • Loyalty – An individual who is suffering from addiction or mental health issues can be very productive when the difficulties are not distracting.  When a company provides the right support and values the person, the connection becomes beneficial to both parties.  The company will not have to deal with turnover rates as well as the employee’s stress level will lower.  The individual can trust the job security and become more productive.
  • Education – When employees are trained to see signs of mental health and addiction, self-awareness is also accessible.  People will begin to empathize with those having a difficult time and know when to ask for help for themselves.  Resources are always available for those in need, although many are not informed where to find the information.  
  • Statistics – 70% of people facing depression are in the workplace.  35 million workdays are lost, due to mental health issues.  1 in 10 employees has an addiction.  The numbers don’t lie.  Companies which have given proper training in addiction and mental health first aid report more confidence from employees.  In turn, the productivity level increases.  
  • Stress management – Along with education about mental health, stress management can be introduced.  Many jobs put too much stress on an individual.  Health can deplete when anxiety gets in the way.  Workers can learn to maintain a balance between work and personal life and avoid being overworked.  Stress levels will lower when people are more aware of where the stress derives.
  • Aetna Inc., George Washington University, Lendlease Group, Cerner Corp., and Netsmart Technologies are a few of the companies which have taken the Mental Health First Aid courses through National Council for Behavioral Health.  Each organization has seen positive effects.


The stigma of addiction and mental health is slowly releasing the grip on society.  More people are becoming aware of how real and serious the problem is.  Corporations who support the employees properly will have healthier, happier, and more loyal people working for them.  The situations is a win-win for everyone.

Learning about mental health and addiction will support a full recovery and a healthy lifestyle.  Resilient House gives people with addiction the best opportunity to learn the ins and outs of self-care, the process, and what success will look like to you.  Call us at 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to discover how change will make a world of different in your life.