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Jail and Addiction

Many members of the public still view addicts as criminals.  The stigma of addiction is far from dead.  Police and courtofficials don’t always see a person with a problem or disease.  The authorities view addicts as people breaking the law.  Being clean from drugs and alcohol will not treat the disease of addiction.  Upholding the law is important, as well as helping those in need.  Evolving changes in the court and prison systems are altering the perspective.  

Proof of Successes

Stories of successful recoveries are available for anyone to view.  Hundreds of people have successfully recovered from addiction, with the proper care and support.  In Port Clinton, Ohio a man was publically congratulated for finishing a 2 ½ year program, which was court ordered.  His history of being in and out of prison was weighing on the judge who had dealt with his case numerous times.  Treatment provided an opportunity to get the support needed.  Many other success stories are similar.  Prison will only keep an addict sober for a short time.  Treatment will open doors for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In the Prison System

Many people committing crimes are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the offense.  The authorities can sentence a person to be locked up or get help.  When multiple offenses have occurred, the individual could still have treatment and become successful in recovery.  Only 11% of inmates are treated for addiction or mental health disorders.  Incarceration is not the end of the road for many.  Although sobriety is a stepping stone, treatment would make inmate’s lives easier.  Whether the system allows treatment in jail or judges sentence treatment instead of prison, both options would be more successful than what is happening now.  

After Jail Time

Being freed from behind bars is not comparable to graduating treatment.  People released from jail have to fight society for acceptance, attempt to build a life, and battle addiction without support.  The person can become overwhelmed and unstable quickly.  Falling back into criminal activity is easier for survival.  Someone who was supported and heard during treatment, with or without incarceration, will be able to maximize opportunities in the real world.  Motivation from professionals and others facing similar situations can emotionally support an addict.  Resources which would not normally be available can help keep the individual on the right path to build a fresh start.  

Whether your situation is through the court system, or not, Resilient House can provide you the best treatment options and set you on the path to success.  Recovery doesn’t have to be faced alone.  Call us today at 833-change1 (833-242-6431).