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It Will Never Happen to Me (and Other “Yets”)

The “yets” are the oft-talked about future consequences of addiction that just haven’t happened…yet. Everyone has yets; people who have the disease of addiction have more consequential yets than those who don’t. Human beings tend to have an innate sense from early on that negative events won’t happen to us as individuals. We have fears, but we always seem to think that accidents and tragedies will happen to someone else. For instance, many smokers don’t think it will be them who dies from lung cancer. Yet, roughly 1,300 people die from cigarette smoking in the United States, daily.

If you are an addict or alcoholic, you have a bank of yets that you have no idea even exist. Just like addiction is a disease of progression, the yets roughly follow its spectrum—all the way into the ground. Some yets though, are instant tragedies that you can never mend or change. You can’t give a mother her child back after you killed him in a drunk driving accident. If you didn’t die from an overdose, but you suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen, you can’t fix that. There aren’t enough sorries in the world to tell the parents of the girl you were using with, that she just took too much.

Some of us come into recovery with a few bumps and bruises, but nothing in the way of losing a career, getting a DUI, losing friendships and family, getting arrested for domestic violence or any number of other offenses. If you are one of these people lucky enough to get sober before your life started falling apart, remember that all of these things can happen to you—and will—if you go back and pick up a drink or a drug. If any number of these things have happened, rest assured that more terrible events are on the horizon if you keep drinking or using. Addiction is progressive, and so are its consequences. The good news is that if you stay sober, you don’t have to experience anymore heartache, pain, and wreckage. Keep it where it belongs—in the past.

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