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Is There a Cure for Addiction?

Addiction is a complex disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. There is no cure for addiction, however it is possible to manage the disease. Proper management requires treatment that addresses all underlying causes of addiction, as well as engagement in a daily recovery program of action to reduce the possibility of relapse.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disorder. Therefore, it must be managed daily to reduce the possibility of symptoms reoccurring. The goal of treatment is to give an individual all the tools necessary to maintain sobriety and live a full life without relying on drugs or alcohol. In response to the question of whether or not addiction can be cured, the National Institute on Drug Abuse explains, “Not always—but like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on their brain and behavior and regain control of their lives.” Treatment helps an individual recover from the mental and behavioral changes caused by chronic drug use, and develop routines that support abstinence.

The importance of maintaining recovery-based routines cannot be understated. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains, “It is easy to let up on a spiritual program of action and rest on our laurels. We are headed for trouble if we do, for alcohol is a subtle foe. We are not cured of alcoholism. What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities. ‘How can I best serve Thee—They will (not mine) be done.’ These are thoughts which must go with us constantly.” The concept of the ‘daily reprieve’ is that we focus on maintaining our sobriety ‘one day at a time,’ and remember that we must meet the demands of our recovery program every day if we are to maintain our spiritual fitness and continue on the path of recovery. We cannot forget that our recovery requires daily maintenance. It is easy to think that, once we start feeling better, we are free of addiction. The truth, however, is that we must practice the principles of recovery in all of our affairs, every day, if we are to remain happy, healthy, and sober.

No matter how far down the scale you have gone, recovery from addiction and alcoholism is possible. You can begin building a brighter future by making the decision to seek help now. Resilient House, located in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana, brings together the highest quality behavioral health and addictions specialists with spiritual guides and holistic experts to address addiction from every mental, physical, and spiritual angle. For information about treatment options, please call today: (833) 242-6431