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Is Anyone Too Young for Treatment?

Many men and women suffering from the disease of addiction do not enter treatment until they have reached a breaking point and realize the necessity of sobriety. This realization, however, can come quickly for some and they may enter treatment at a younger age than most. Fortunately, there is no age criteria for treatment and many treatment centers are equipped to deal with the unique problems facing teens and young adults who suffer from addiction.

Many people fall into the false belief that young people are less likely to be able to properly engage in a program of recovery. Certainly, young people face unique challenges. Late teens and early twenties is generally a time when most people’s drug and alcohol use is highest, and peers in that age group are more prone to indulging in substances. It is up to the individual, no matter how young or old they may be, to make the determination that their life is no longer manageable as a result of their substance use.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 7.5 percent of treatment program admission are of people age 12-17, while only 4.1 percent are age 18-19. These admission rates may be less because, at a younger age, many of us did not face or foresee the potential problems that would inevitably result from our substance abuse. Relapse rates may be higher for younger people because many of them enter into treatment unwillingly by parents or guardians. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains that “frothy emotional appeal seldom suffices.” Appealing to a family member’s desire for us to stop drinking or using drugs will inevitable end it failure—we have to want it for ourselves. For many of us, it took a long time and many consequences for us to come to that realization. However, for younger people who realize that they need help for themselves, their recognition and subsequent entry into treatment is an opportunity. People who achieve sobriety at an early age are able to find the happiness and joy of recovery that can be carried with them throughout a majority of their lives. Sobriety is a gift that nobody is too young or too old to be given.

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