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Is Anyone Beyond Help for Addiction and Alcoholism?

There always comes a point in our addiction or alcoholism when we are faced with the question of whether to seek help or to surrender to the prospect of an early death from addiction. We may feel that our disease has progressed to a point where we are beyond help and have resigned to our seemingly inescapable fate. This, however, is entirely untrue. Nobody is beyond help so long as they have even a small amount of willingness to engage in a program of recovery.

Our minds and thinking are strongly affected by drugs and alcohol. The hopelessness that we feel in active addiction is the result of our substance abuse and does not reflect the true reality of our ability to recover. Most people who have achieved sobriety can remember a time when they felt the same way, but eventually, through the process of recovery, they were able to heal from a hopeless state of body and mind. Drugs and alcohol create subtle mental twists in our thinking as a way to keep us from letting go of the substances we have relied upon to self-medicate ourselves. Depression is common among men and women suffering from the disease of addiction, and exacerbated the feelings of hopelessness that tell us that we are beyond help. Our thoughts and desires once controlled our use of substances, but at some point, substances began to control our thoughts and desires. We no longer had any sort of objective view of ourselves, seeing only what our addiction wanted us to see. If we surrender to the belief that we are unable to recover, we are allowing our addiction to finally take us over completely. Instead, we search within ourselves for even a tiny amount of willingness to recover. Many of us were so beaten down by the chaos and pain of our lives in addiction that we wanted sobriety, but had no faith that a recovery program could work for someone as deep in the throes of addiction as we were. Recovery, however, is open to everybody. No matter how down-and-out we are or how far our addiction has progressed, we all have the ability to achieve a happy, joyous, and free life in sobriety.

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