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How to Keep Your Body in Check after Detox?

Your mind and body go through drastic changes when you make the decision to get sober. Most of us didn’t eat healthy food, exercise, or sleep well in active addiction. Once you go through alcohol or drug detox, it’s important to treat yourself well by eating nutritiously, hitting the gym, and making sure you get enough sleep every night. It’s easy to overcompensate with sugar and processed foods once you’re clean, but doing so could pack on unwanted pounds. The following are a few tips to keep yourself healthy and moving forward in recovery:

  1. Eat three meals a day – Eat three regular meals and one or two snacks daily. If you prefer, you could eat several small meals spread throughout the day. The bottom line, is to keep your blood sugar and mood stable. Hunger isn’t a good sensation in recovery, so do your best to keep yourself satiated.
  2. Eat your veggies – Veggies and fruit should be a mainstay in your diet. If you eat fruit instead of candy and donuts, your body and mind will thank you. Protein is another important food group to include because it helps you build and maintain muscle, and it helps keep you feeling fuller, longer.
  3. Get a gym membership – If you can afford a membership, go for it. If not, try walking or jogging daily. Exercise releases the feel-good chemicals our brains and bodies love. If you’ve gained unwanted weight in early recovery, you have to move it to lose it. Resistance training not only makes you look better, but you will also become stronger. Combine this with a sharp diet, and you are well on your way to feeling and looking your best.
  4. Practice good sleep hygiene – Create a sleep routine and stick to it. Go to bed at the same time every night, use lavender essential oil in a diffuser, and do something that relaxes your mind and body. Sleep helps reduce stress and can help keep your weight stable in the long run.
  5. Get connected – Practice meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. Get in touch with your higher power, because that is the most important connection you can have between your mind, body, and the universe.

No matter how far down the scale you have gone, recovery is possible. You can make the decision to embark upon the rewarding journey of recovery by seeking help now. Resilient House, located in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana, is staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping clients build happy, fulfilling lives in sobriety, free from the chains of addiction. For information about treatment options, please call today: (833) 242-6431