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How to Find Balance?

Moderation isn’t something that addicts and alcoholics are known to do well. Even in recovery, we may go overboard with eating, exercise, relationships—you name it. Finding balance in our lives is another important piece of recovery, and one that will help prevent a future relapse. The motto of, “If a little is good, a lot must be better” is one that we should not live by any longer. The more you can practice these tips, you will begin to notice a more comfortable and less stressful way of living.

  1. Know That Finding Balance Is an Ongoing Process – Remember, it’s progress not perfection, so don’t sweat the small stuff. We are constantly changing and so is our environment. Finding perfect balance is next to impossible.
  2. Find Joy in the Little Successes – We have a lot of wreckage when we come into recovery. When you are able to start cleaning it up, whether it’s relationships or bills, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
  3. Have a Schedule – Make your life as simple as possible. You don’t need added stress, so schedule your days around what works best for you. Making lists can also help to keep you on track, especially when memory is an issue for many of us early on.
  4. Self-Care – Get the right amount of exercise to make your mind and body happy. Eat nutritious food and avoid the pitfalls of eating copious amounts of sugar. Self-care also means seeing your doctor for a physical, getting a cleaning at the dentist, and sticking with your recovery plan. Find what you enjoy and do it. If reading a book in the park sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon, go do it. Play time is essential for the spirit.
  5. Track Your Finances – Money and the lack of it can be quite stressful. Now that you’re not spending it on drugs and alcohol, try saving some for a rainy day. Make a budget that works for you and stick to it.
  6. If You Need Help, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – Recovery is something we do together. If you’re having a bad day, talk to someone. Find people that have some time sober, and ask them how they did it. They will be more than happy to help.

No matter how far down the scale you have gone, recovery is possible. You can make the decision to embark upon the rewarding journey of recovery by seeking help now. Resilient House, located in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana, is staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping clients build happy, fulfilling lives in sobriety, free from the chains of addiction. For information about treatment options, please call today: (833) 242-6431