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How do we get Through a 12 Step Program?

12 step programs help newly sober addicts journey through recovery.  Although the programs do not offer treatment, support and education can enable success in recovery.  The meetings provide a safe place for people in recovery to share stories and trials of being an addict.  There is a roller coaster experience while going through the steps. The group can offer support and guidance during the process.

The first meeting an addict attends is a simple one.  Showing up and introducing themselves is the extent of the individual’s interaction.  Meeting the group and listening to personal journies can show the newly sober addict an example of a meeting.  The individual can decide to return to the group, or find another 12 step program. Finding a good match will encourage recovery.  Continuing to meet with a group the individual is uncomfortable with will derail the recovery. Joining more than one group is encouraged.  

During the first 30 days post-treatment, the suggestion of attending 30 sessions seems overwhelming.  30 in 30 is a common recommendation to establish a habit of attending regular meetings. The individual will be busy with groups and avoid negative patterns of drug use.  The practice also gives the addict an array of different groups to attend. Some 12 step programs are gender specific. Groups also have different lengths of time and are open or closed sessions.  Open sessions are for the general public, meaning friends and family are welcome to attend. Closed groups only meet with people who identify as addicts or alcoholics.

Going through the steps is a personal journey.  No one will have the same reaction to each step.  Exploring oneself and the nature of addiction can become overwhelming.  The group offers advice and a listening ear when times get hard. Someone who has been sober for a long time can help a newly sober addict find the right path to take and help them along the way.  Some seasoned people in recovery become sponsors to provide extra help. The 12 Traditions go alongside the 12 steps. The 12 traditions offer extra advice and make sure all member are respected.

When the time is right, a newer member can decide to share personal stories or recent troubles.  Tailoring the conversation to the topic of the meeting will help keep everyone on track. Negative and stressful stories do not have to be the only sharing.  An individual can describe something of gratitude or a new rewarding feeling. The idea of the meetings is to gain support and connections in a safe environment.  Asking for recommendations and help is common.

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