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How Can We Control Stress?

Everyone has to cope with stress on daily bases.  Whether or not a person handles the stress well is what determines stress management.  When a situation causes tension, an individual can decide to face the issue, or push the tension away.  Over time the tension will build and overwhelm the individual. Learning to control stress will give someone power over their life.  Being prepared for sudden changes will help eliminate stress. When an addict is in the using stage, responsibilities and important matters are not attended.  Tension builds, and the addict continues to use drugs and alcohol as a negative coping mechanism. The cycle of addiction will continue.

After treatment, stress management is important to prevent relapse.  During treatment, the addict is taught to take action on sobriety. Taking action in recovery means to address circumstances immediately.  Putting anything off will jeopardize recovery and make opportunities for relapse. Fear of change is not an option. Creating the change is moving forward in sobriety.

Some situations of stress are unavoidable.  When a friend or family member is upset with the person in recovery, tension will build.  The separation between two parties will allow stress to fester. The individual can try to communicate.  When the other party is not willing, the addict should practice radical acceptance. Letting go of the issue will give time for the loved one to calm down.  Stressing and hounding will only make matters worse for both people.

Coping skills are commonly used to relieve stress.  Letting go of the issue for a short time will give the individual an opportunity to redress the problem at a later time.  Writing in a journal, talking with a friend, or practicing a hobby distracts the addict from stress. The importance of returning to the issue will eliminate tension build up.  Everyone handles situations differently. Finding the right style will take time.

Preparation for stressful situations can be difficult.  Tension can come out of nowhere. Having a plan of action will aid the addict in how to handle a situation.  Blocking out time in the schedule for meditation and prayer will help the individual learn to calm down. Blocking time for relaxation and fun activities will keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Knowing boundaries and limits will also support stress management.  The individual needs to understand saying no is ok. Taking on too many responsibilities will build stress.  Keeping the balance of all subjects of life can support sober living.

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