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Greatest Show on Earth

In March of 1881, the first greatest show on earth was formed, yet what truly is the greatest show that anyone will ever witness is what goes on in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Not quite the circus that Barnum created, but most certainly a fellowship of quirky personalities, compassion, and undeniable miracles. If you are new to recovery, you are in for the ride of a lifetime. As an addict or an alcoholic there aren’t many settings where you can go, take a deep breath, and feel 100% safe and comfortable talking about the disease of addiction, than in 12 Step groups.

People who find themselves beaten to a pulp by addiction and knocking on death’s door are often desperately seeking a solution to what has consumed their lives. There is a reason treatment centers urge their patients to continue their aftercare by attending recovery meetings. The camaraderie a person finds in the rooms of AA, NA, HA, CA, etc., is unmatched, and how could it be? This is the safe zone for people who’s singleness of purpose is to stay sober and help others who want to do the same. Addiction is the darkest, most isolating disease; it pushes everyone you love away. People in the rooms understand this because they’ve been there, and if you want help out of the blackhole, this is where to find it.

If you stay in whatever 12 Step group you feel most comfortable, you will witness true miracles. You are no exception to this, either. You will watch newcomers walk through the door, barely hanging onto life, and as hopeless as a person can be. For those who stay, you will see a light come on in their eyes, and others will witness your own miraculous recovery. You will see people come in after living on the street, get sober, and go on to live incredible lives in recovery. Others will get their families back and will be upstanding members of the community. Recovery truly is the greatest show on earth. Stick around, and not only will you see for yourself, but you will be part of a life experience you will not soon forget.

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, call Resilient House. An entirely new, beautiful life awaits you on the other side of addiction, and we can help you begin moving towards it today. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 833-242-6431. Recovery is possible. You can do this, call now.