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How to Fill the Mind-Space

Addiction is a disease which takes control over the thoughts and emotions of a balanced and healthy person.  Alterations of the body and mind affect actions and behaviors.  The individual will hit rock bottom and need to get treatment.  Inpatient treatment, therapy, and 12 step programs can help the addict become and stay sober.  After all of the ups and downs, the mind is cleared of clutter.  Cravings can still come and go, although not as distracting.  When the thoughts are not full of distractions such as drugs and alcohol, the mind-space needs to be full of positivity and productivity.  

Stay Busy

Boredom can be a nasty trigger for addicts.  Keeping a full schedule will avoid too much downtime.  The mind has time to wander back to old habits and mistakes.  Staying busy with volunteer work and hobbies will give the person in recovery sober activities.  The individual will be focused on others instead of allowing negative thoughts and cravings to take back control.

Practice Affirmations

Counteracting negative self-talk can be one of the most challenging pieces of recovery.  Picking and doubting oneself is common with addiction.  Even in recovery, thoughts can sneak up on someone.  Saying affirmations repeatedly will fill the mind-space.  Affirmations are positive notions and reminders of encouragement.  Speaking phrases out loud or to oneself can boost the mood and improve self-esteem.  

Meditation and Prayer

Clearing the mind of worries and responsibilities allows the individual a chance to freshen up the mind-space.  Focusing on the priorities will give the person in recovery motivation to keep moving forward.  Clearing the mind can be done many ways.  Prayer calms the soul and focuses on something positive.  Meditation can also build positivity and refocus priorities.  Relaxation is a big part of having a balanced lifestyle.  Prayer and meditation is a wonderful form.

Learn a New Skill

Keeping the mind busy on a new task or skill can give the individual an exciting or rewarding feeling.  Finding sober hobbies and activities create new skills to grow and thrive on.  The thought patterns redirect to vital information, instead of drugs and alcohol.  Trial and error of finding the right or most interesting talent could take time.  Being a jack of all traits is not a bad thing.  Picking and tackling a new skill isn’t easy.  Once the individual has decided to focus on a subject, the mind-space will easily be full of information on the topic.  Relapse prevention is the ultimate goal.

Addiction will cause a person to have racing and uncontrollable thoughts.  Emotions can also run wild.  Getting help is the best way to overcome addiction.  Bring peace and balance into your life by calling Resilient House at 833-change1 (833-242-6431).