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Depression Within Addiction

Using drugs and alcohol will billow a cloud of chaos into someone’s life.  Lack of emotional control and compulsive behaviors disconnect the individual from others.  Loss of job, friends, or home is sometimes the turning point for the person suffering from addiction.  Hitting rock bottom encourages the individual to seek help. Treatment can provide them with the tools needed to recover from abusing substances.  Anyone suffering from addiction can benefit from understanding the feelings which toxins accentuate. While the use of drugs and alcohol is in full swing, the person goes through a rollercoaster of emotions.  Depression is one of the most difficult mental health issues to overcome.

The Rollercoaster of Emotions

When someone starts abusing drugs and alcohol, the false euphoric feeling is new and intense.  As the substance wears off, or the individual comes down from the high, the emotions are polarised.  The sad and down feelings can hold on for a long time. Having the highs and lows of emotions is distracting.  The person facing substance abuse disorder will be more focused on obtaining drugs and alcohol than taking care of responsibilities.  To forget the depressed feelings, the individual will use more drugs and alcohol. The body and mind become accustomed to having the chemicals in the system and create more cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  The cycle continues and becomes worse as time passes.

Other Emotions and Depression

When someone is depressed, facing other emotions can continue the downward spiral.  Feeling sadness for an extended length of time builds up doubt, guilt, and low self-esteem.  Doubt can come with depression by shyness and from being unsure. Trying to make decisions with self-doubt can anger someone.  Being angry at oneself pushes depression on, thus creating low self-esteem. Depression makes an individual unmotivated. Some people with severe depressive symptoms will lay in bed for several hours.  Being unproductive can also increase depression and decrease self-esteem. The off balance of emotional control will continue to strengthen addiction. Suicidal thoughts, racing thoughts, and compulsive behaviors can also strengthen addiction and stress.  Thinking about ending one’s life is on one level, while attempting suicide is a more intense situation. Understanding the fine line between the two will enable someone to seek the support needed to overcome the problem. When depression and addiction have control of an individual, fighting against the issues is similar to fighting for one’s life.  

Fighting addiction and depression is a battle no one should have to fight alone.  Resilient House is a place you can find personal care and emotional support. Break the chains by calling 833-change1 (833-242-6431).