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Day by Day

Inspirations can come from anywhere.  Taking a few minutes each day to find positive situations will inspire day to day joy.  Having a positive mood will help a recovering addict find peace and purpose in life.  “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” is a quote from Annie Dillard.  To create more positive moments, people need to spend time wisely.  Time management can become overwhelming.  A person recovering from addiction can develop anxiety, extreme stress, and mood swings.  Learning how to balance everything evenly, the individual can journey or record behaviors and actions.  


Someone fighting addiction needs immediate coping techniques, on hand, at all times.  Cravings and negative thoughts can cloud the mind anytime and anywhere.  

Carry a notebook –

Scary thoughts and feelings will suddenly distract an individual.  Pulling out a journal to write down counteractions to the notion will retrain the thought patterns.  Making a negative into a positive can support emotional control.

Just breath –

When strong emotions sneak up on the addict, breathing techniques will help center the mind.  While inhaling and exhaling, thinking of the trigger, and thinking through a solution will inspire problem-solving skills.  Emotions are only temporary.  The situation will pass, and the individual can move on through the day.   

Pray and meditate –

Meditation is resting the body and focusing on the spirit with the mind open.  Praying is also a form of meditation.  Guiding the thoughts in positive ways will enhance the individual’s ability to control themselves.  

Leave reminders –

Post-it notes, calendars, alarms, and journals are nice to have around.  Leaving reminders for self-care, healthy practices, and coping skills will keep recovery in focus.  Reminders for doctors and dentist appointments can be spread out between months.  Remembering details for such a length of time and trying to balance other issues, can get overwhelming.  Writing important reminders and alarms supports time management and balance.

Practicing a few techniques for 5 or 10 minutes each day will enrich a person’s life with little effort.  After addiction, a person can work towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Putting in the work will reward the person in recovery.  Positive thoughts can return to the individual.  Maintaining the balance takes work.  The results can create routine and healthy habits. Day by day, the person in recovery will grow and become wealthy with peace and understanding of purpose.  

It’s time to live.  Don’t let substance abuse stop you from finding a state of wholeness.  Resilient House will take you through the journey of recovery with a full continuum of care.  Call us at 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to live without the chains of addiction.