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Counteract the Bordom in Recovery

Inpatient treatment provides people with addiction an opportunity to learn new ways of coping with cravings and emotional hardship.  During drug and alcohol abuse, the individual will spend most of the time looking for or using the substances. After treatment, the techniques and tools can fill in the time gaps without interrupting recovery.  Stress and boredom are top triggers for relapse. Avoiding the issues will support a successful recovery from substance abuse disorder.

Coping Skills To Take Up Time

Many simple coping skills only provide temporary relief.  Extended dedication to an activity can help the individual in recovery build a new talent as well as continue to have focus on sobriety.  The person has to decide for themselves what the skill or talent should be.

Fitness and health can become an obsession or addiction after recovery.  People who use fitness should consider various degrees of what being healthy is.  Balanced health will also include avoiding overindulgence. Excessive time in the gym can be less beneficial than adequate exercise and regular diet.  The rise of personal wellness can counteract boredom and build self-esteem. The coping skill will provide relapse avoidance, although maintaining the balance will be necessary.  

Art, music, and creative activities can take longer amounts of time.  The expression of oneself through creativity is a positive way to use a coping skill.  When cravings or racing thoughts begin to sneak in, the individual can use art to distract themselves.  Continuing to practice the creative outlets will build knowledge and understanding of the new talent.

Personal hygiene supports health, self-esteem, and personal standards.  Keeping the body clean will avoid illness. Self-esteem is elevated by the feeling cleanliness provides.  Having high personal standards will attract others with the same outlook on self-care. All of the benefits of personal hygiene will enhance the individual’s lifestyle.  The other half of self-care consists of mental and physical health. Taking time to care for oneself will fill in the gaps of each day.

Spiritual and natural connections give a person in recovery humility and emotional support.  Finding outdoor activities builds a connection with the world around us.  Outdoor physical exercise enhances both the natural connection and a healthy body.  The mind, body, and spirit connection can take care of boredom. Joining a church organization or a volunteer program will support a spiritual connection with others.  Being humble and connecting with others gives an individual in recovery understanding and gratitude for the life they have.

Substance abuse takes valuable time away from having a happy and healthy life.  Fighting addiction with Resilient House counteracts the old habits of drug use and provides new ways of spending your time on growth and productivity.  Call us today to begin changing how you spend your time and how you can take back control. 833-change1 (833-242-6431)